Friday’s Full Moon in final degree of Libra/Aries, segues immediately into Taurus, CONJUNCT URANUS!

Note: I don’t usually pay attention to other astrologers. But for some reason I found myself listening to Eric Francis, his radio show, last night. I want to thank Eric for his noticing, and his insights, into this particular Full Moon. Some of what I say here, echoes him.

Yes, this is an unusually potent full moon, and for a number of reasons, not just the immediate juxtaposition with some kind of Taurean earthquake that has the capacity to shake us to our foundations.

Huh? Foundations? What foundations, you might ask. How long has it been since we have felt  table, secure, connected to the ground, the living Earth through our own living bodies, in this abstracted, AI, digital, internet age when most of us spend more of our time onscreen than off. That includes myself, just about. Though I do manage to spend some time in nature every single day, and I do manage to do my practices — yoga, chikung, taichi — every single day. Without these two balancing routines, without this rhythmic interplay between the life of the mind and the life of the body, I would be lost, literally, lost in the ongoing onslaught of sudden, stunning, usually far away events and their seemingly infinite and conflicting interpretations that leave us all reeling, with no time to process anything all the way through.

These past few days: first Barr’s “there was spying” claim, then Assange’s arrest, then Notre Dame burning. Slam, bang, bang, just like that. As a “conspiracy theorist” from way back, of course I look at timing, and consider everything that happens, if it hits the mainstream news and rivets the global audience, as most likely designed by someone or something to distract, confuse, chaoticize, plus take us all “in a certain direction.” And I must say, whoever the “controllers” are, they seem to be doing a helluva job.

(But are they really? Or are they at their wit’s end, running out of ammunition. A large question. For another day.)

So. Remember the Uranus/Pluto square, from about 2011 through 2016? (I did a number of posts on it. Look ’em up!) Well, lightning-strike Uranus in impulsive, warlike Aries during that time was also going in and out of a conjunction with Eris, “goddess of discontent,” (discovered in 2005), thus intensifying the cries and movements of freedom from individuals worldwide. (Just to give you some perspective: Eris entered Aries in 1927. It’s cycle is 561.4 years long. So this freedom movement is nothing new.)

Unpredictable Uranus has since moved out of orb with primal, birth and death Pluto. However, very slow moving Eris now at 23° is being caught up by Pluto, now at 22° Capricorn, thus forming a 90° square. In other words, basically, we are subjected to a repeat of the Uranus/Pluto square — continuuing to pit the Aries cry for individual freedom against entrenched organizational and societal structures of Pluto in Capricorn.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed: but major zeitgeistian aspects like the recent Uranus/Pluto square (itself the opening square to the new cycle of Uranus/Pluto conjunction back in 1964-1968) actually seem to grow stronger through time, past when their astrological aspects wane. Typical of such aspects, in this case the electrical/primal Uranus/Pluto energies they set in motion began to slowly sink into the thick world of matter, habits, stuck territoriality of various kinds, whether it be that of the bureaucrat who wants to hold on to his job or the central bank which wants to keep on creating fiat money to be paid back with interest, or the “deep state” “swamp” that needs draining. The energies set in motion take time to penetrate  the detailed interstices of civilization.

And, in this case, with Pluto now closely forming a square to Eris, we have the two longest cycled energies that we can possibly be aware of (Pluto’s cycle is 248 years) working with each other from way underneath, deep down in the murk and muck of the collective consciousness, roiling energies of individual vs the cultural status quo that are now echoing, even redoubling, the just completed Uranus/Pluto square. I reiterate: you might call the Pluto/Eris square a continuation of the Uranus/Pluto square, and it will go on for nearly the next decade.

Meanwhile, and here’s the whopper that I want us to pay close attention to. I’ve been pointing to it for awhile now, and it’s getting more intense. That’s the fact that karmic Saturn, planet of discipline, focus, determination, “let the chips fall where they may” judgement is now closing in on a conjunction with Pluto (and thus itself also squaring Eris). Saturn’s stern finger is pointing to the structures that have been set up by Pluto in Capricorn, to declare which shall live, which shall not, and which need to be entirely reorganized.

This aspect, the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto (square Eris) won’t reach exactness until mid-January, 2020. Keep that month in mind. Saturn will then spend the entire year of 2020 going in and out of an ingress from Capricorn to the next sign, Aquarius, when we should begin to see/feel revolutionary changes made in the old centralizing globalist order that has been trying to govern the world.

Now back up and notice what’s happening this Friday, the Full Moon in the final (and thus, karmic) degree of both Aries (ME) and Libra (RELATING TO YOU). One-to-one relationships are going to be tested during this time, and how we treat and work with each other now is probably karmically ordained, based on how we’ve been treating and working with each other all along. Are we loud and furious and violent? Or are we reasonable, seeking to understand the other’s point of view as well as our own.

Now what makes this Full Moon chart so very interesting is how it intersects with the U.S. chart, which has been pummeled by the Uranus/Pluto square anyway.

Look at all those planets in Cancer! Venus/Jupiter/ Sun/Mercury! This nation, by nature, is focused on home and family and community, It tends to be both touchy and tribal, needing boundaries in order to provide a continuing nourishing womb for its citizens. The border issue is, then BIGTIME, especially for a Cancerian nation.

Pluto has been traveling through the opposite sign, Capricorn. Saturn is catching up with Pluto. Pluto, for the U.S., will make its first return to its own natal place between now and about 2025. It’s on its way now. We are feeling it. We are participating in the long, agonizing death throes of the American Empire that only a young adolescent nation with not even one Pluto cycle under its belt would want to try. This nation is about to learn what real power is, and it’s not military domination.

This week has already proven to be one for the history books. But it’s nowhere near done. Watch what happens as we move into Friday and over the weekend, for it will feel even more climactic than Barr, Assange, and Notre Dame. As if the bottle, still capped, and being shaken, will finally pop its lid, as the Moon, within hours, and then the Sun, within days, shift out of confrontational Aries/Libra into stabilizing Scorpio/ Taurus, only to be met with a gigantic Uranus eruption, right away.

Gear your loins. Things are bound to get even more interesting and provocative, if that is even possible.


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