Freedom or Tyranny? And if Freedom, what do we do with it?

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we are in an unprecedented information war that will  decide the future of humanity on this planet. And so, whether or not we “win” makes a great deal of difference! It’s all or nothing, folks. Either freedom or lockdown, them’s the choices. Indeed, state by state, county by county, city by city, we’re engaged in a tug-of-war between freedom and lockdown now, as the Covid-91 psy-op appears to be releasing its diabolical grip. There will be other showdowns: “Testing,” for example. “Vaccines.” “Chips.” “Social Credit Scores.” And who knows what else the 1% has up its sleeve to ensure eternal compliance of the 99% that has only recently awakened to its thousands of years of slavery.

And yet, while Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Oil, Big Government — all converge in a final  attempt to take us down, to strip us of our sovereignty and institute the long planned New World Order tyranny, little by little, in all our various ways, we beginning to fight back. Not directly. No use trying to beat them at their own stupid game. Instead, each of us is taking the time gifted to us by this sudden, unexpected Great Pause to center ourselves deep within, let go of what no longer matters, and then ask: “WHO AM I?”” Given who I am, my age, gifts, culture, talents, skills, networks, etc., what part am I, personally, meant to play in this extraordinary drama that, thanks to this long-planned so-called “pandemic,” has forced us all to:  1. Face our Fear (of Death, of our own Bodies, of the Other), 2. Recognize how Fear is being engineered (mainstream media, mainly, in service to diabolical agendas from both “the (political) left” and “higher up,” plus our fading belief in “medical authority”), 3. TAKE CHARGE (of our own Lives, of our own Bodies, our own relationships with Others), and ACT to do our unique part in this great swirling, swelling tsunami of gratitude, of concern, of compassionate care for the whole that is surging up from within, dispelling Fear, and beginning to radiate the whole world with the Love that fills and fuels the universe.

We know that the alternative to a centralized police state is radical decentralization, via autonomous localities — each person, each household, each neighborhood, each community — taking responsibility for our own needs, while horizontally networking with others, in cooperation with both each other and this beautiful, bountiful Earth upon which we live and move and have our being.

So, I’m excited to share with you a post that one of our favorite villains — CNN! —  recently put up.

Designing an end to a toxic American obsession: The Lawn

The title alone is downright revolutionary. Read the whole thing. You’ll be surprised.

A young 31-year old friend of mine who used to live in this house called me yesterday. She has managed to buy a house, and is very excited. Especially since her new 1000 square foot home sits on a half acre! She can’t wait to permaculture it. And is enlisting friends in her area (about an hour away) who know what they’re doing. However, her new neighborhood happens to be bordering a golf course, so you can imagine . . . And there’s a state cop who lives across the street, and has already warned her about her dogs. (who got on his lawn, once.) I advised her: go slow. Start with a small garden out front. Continue to make friends with all the neighbors. Just by working out there you will be attracting their attention. Little by little you will be showing them the way to making their own suburban lawns into permaculture paradises. It will take time, but not nearly as much time as it used to take. Because if this plannedemic has shown us anything, it’s that we must return to growing our own food. Even the “normies” are beginning to “get it.”

Then there’s Detroit. Oh my! I’ve been hearing rumors for years, but now look at what’s going on there.

This Area In Detroit is Now America’s First 100%, Self-Sustainable Neighborhood 

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