Has the “free energy” revolution begun?

Not sure of the implications — “unintended(?) consequences” — were we to actually access and enjoy “free energy.” Would we still ignorant humans tend to use free energy to continue wrecking the Earth — but at an even faster pace? Might it be that without sensitizing ourselves to our communion with all that is we will be unable to wisely tap into the energy of all that is? 

The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

Seems to me that what we need to intend above all is is that we free our own minds and hearts from  self- and culturally-imposed conceptual and attitudinal walls that appear to separate us from our own bodies, and our bodies from the larger Earth body and her heavenly home.

Yes. Compassion IS the unlimited free energy that fills and fuels all of life. All particular technological “forms” that funnel free energy spring from that universal source, forever and ever and ever. Amen.



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