Fred Burks: Dark Secrets of the FBI, CIA and NSA

a986be51ff2ca7df8bc7e82bac9a1429Here’s a huge “backstory” compendium for your reading “pleasure” from You might want to subscribe to their wonderful email list and make a donation. Fred always balances the awful stuff with inspirational material, knowing that we must retain the capacity to lift our spirits during this climactic period when so much horror is coming to the surface to be cleared. And that is the good thing about it. Each secret, once spilled, releases stuck energy. And as Fred says, we might look to those places in ourselves where old secrets still fester. As without, so within. What we’re seeing on “the outside,” is also ours to own.

The Mission of provide our readers with reliable, verifiable information on major cover-ups, and to serve as a call to work together for the good of all.”

Intelligence Agency Corruption

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