Foster Gamble to Donald Trump: if you wish to become a great leader, then follow principles, not politics.

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My thanks to Ted and Paul for alerting me to this deeply considered and wide-ranging set of reflections on the deep and wide capacity of Trump as supreme alpha male leader. While I disagree with Gamble’s assurance that new “free energy” technologies will power our “progress” differently and thus save our civilization as is — instead, on this finite planet, let us take instruction from Nature by transforming “material growth” into “steady state” — I very much appreciate his multifaceted understanding of the complex predicament we are in and the very real possibility that, especially if expand from our own polarized, egocentric points of view to embrace the better angels of our own nature, we might then inspire Donald Trump to do the same: expand his expression of himself from Alpha to “Gamma” as he figures out — from scratch! — how to realize what we all know he wants in his heart of hearts: to go down in history as Trump the Great.

Just as we all know what Foster Gamble wants in his heart of hearts — to be able, somehow, to get this message to Donald Trump. Let us help him do it.

Election Reflections and An Open Letter to Donald Trump

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