FORBIDDEN QUESTION: Is Trump Deep State? And does it Matter? And if so, Why? What’s Ahead?

Before getting out of bed this early morning, I decided to listen to an SGT Report with Katherine Austin Fitts.

Oops! What she says about Trump, late in the video, unsettled me deeply. She cites two happenings which, she says, prove that he is not to be trusted:

1) Both Republicans and Democrats agreed, (I think she said) in 2017, and that includes Trump, on keeping or making some kind of financials secret. Can’t remember what it was, and probably wouldn’t understand it anyway.

2) The “opportunity zones” carved out from riots, looting, and burning parts of cities are making it easy for corporations to go in and buy up the properties cheaply. Both Trump and A.G. Barr could have stopped it, she says. but they have not.

So she views Trump as part of the deep state, obviously. Do I? A part of me wanted to just turn off the audio midway, so unsettling did it feel to me. And I notice that Dave, of SGT Report, noticeably subdued after her remarks about Trump, did not pursue the subject further, and ended the session soon after.

Then, precisely when the audio ended, I rolled out of bed to check my email and found this from my friend Sylvia, a former neighbor with whom I took the Permaculture Design Course in 2005. She now lives in Holland:

The synchronicity between having just listened to Katherine Austin Fitts view of Trump and this email from Sylvia, especially when I read the article she enclosed, really threw me off . . .  briefly.

On my walk this morning, I realized that it doesn’t matter to me whether or not Trump is “really” one of them. That even if he is, this election would then be just be the usual for me, voting for “the lesser of two evils.” Because clearly, Biden is moribund, a mere cipher, the Big Guy of his #BidenCrimeFamily done and gone; Trump however, feels more and more energetic, nearly supernatural! And from what I’ve seen, heard, and read about, he DOES have we the people’s best interests at heart. As for points 1 and 2 that Fitts made, I wonder if the first might be a typical Trump sting operation, and the second something that remains to be contextualized and interpreted correctly.

There’s no doubt, however, in my mind, that this election WILL end up, at least for the following two weeks (until Mars in volatile Aries turns to go direct after being retrograde since early September) in chaotic conditions, trailing the horrific corruption that has been erupting from the collective unconscious during this rare 2020 Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction year. The result: more and more of the American public have been forced the  to learn to see clearly, with 2020 vision, the complex web of deceit, conspiracy, pay for play, bribery, blackmail, pedophilia, SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), etc., that have run on, underground, poisoning everything, for years, if not decades, even centuries.

Bottom Line: I see Trump as a world historical figure, and that does not mean I see him as a savior. Instead, I see his role as necessary to force the entire global population to wake up to the blood, gore, destruction, of endless wars and trafficking of children, women, guns, drugs, blood . . . On and on.

As for Q (another of Sylvia’s questions): I do see Q as a very welcome alternative news channel, and one which, due to its enigmatic nature, forces the “anons” who read it to ask questions, and to learn to both dig the internet for answers and share them with one another. As Qanons put it: “We are the news now.”

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Q. This “oracle” has been silent since October 22. It may be that we never hear from Q again. Perhaps the Great Awakening has been accomplished, alerting a large enough percentage of the public to the evil that has been done to us, and in our name.

Meanwhile, when Trump wins, and the chaos dies down, we will be faced with the question, what next? Trump is a capitalist, and a very successful one; he abhors socialism; so do I. But I abhor capitalism as well, and the following post is as good a one as any to say why.

Capitalism is double-billing us: we pay from our wallets only for our future to be stolen from us


The point is, capitalism deals with “externalities” as if they really are external! But they are not! Everything is related to everything else. All waste is food, and the edges are where the action is: permaculture. Permanent Culture.

In order to begin to envisage the possibility of Permanent — continuously regenerative — Culture, we will need a new world view, and a new way of being in the world altogether. One which guarantees and celebrates both individual freedom of expression and human cooperation, all the while grounded in nature, recognizing her enormously complex, multidimensional, and multilayered system as both our Mother and our Teacher. Aboriginal peoples recognized Nature in this manner, and bowed down to Her; as do shamanistic threads within rare remnant societies now.

Plus: somehow, we will have to create a world that also allows and celebrates our wonderful natural human capacity to create and utilize tools, machines, technology, including electronic, without turning into a technocratic, robotized, AI-driven, transhumanist nightmare.

Big job ahead. Are we up for it?

Oh, and, BTW: I found relief when I viewed one comment under the Fitts interview. Makes sense to me:

“It is because Fitts is a purist. Trump has to find a way that is beyond all out war. Fitts wants total purity, to her credit — but Trump is more practical.”

Exactly. And yet, remember, Trump is a transitional figure. Aren’t we all? The seed of the new world will be dreamed up and put into practice especially by the generation born with still largely unconscious Uranus/Neptune conjunctions spanning Sagittarius and Capricorn (1987-1995). These young people, now between 25 and 33 years old, hold our future in their collective imagination, intelligence, and will, to be driven by and focused through conscious intent. Let us guard and nourish these children well, for the regeneration of authentic aliveness on this beautiful, mysterious planet depends on them awakening to their manifest destiny.



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7 Responses to FORBIDDEN QUESTION: Is Trump Deep State? And does it Matter? And if so, Why? What’s Ahead?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I’ve come to concur with the quote:

    “It is because Fitts is a purist. Trump has to find a way that is beyond all out war. Fitts wants total purity, to her credit — but Trump is more practical.”

    I think we are in the spiritual realms; actions today may not be noticed for another 200 – 250 years, as long as we do not annihilate this world. We are just beginning to realize our powers as humans in this post-Atlantean era.

    While this election seems like the most important election ever in the US, the hand of the great scaffolding that structures the flow of reality exceeds our understanding.

    About The Scaffolding.

    There seems to be a guiding hand at work or framework or scaffolding through which the conscious self matriculates. Where it’s going or taking things, I could not say, other than to notice it’s flowing in great epoch’s of time.

    The scaffolding does seem to have epic stages, (1) self awareness; (2) emotional-soul-mind-consciousness development over epochs of time; (3) service-to-self vs. service-to-others an aspect of Free Will; (4) cosmic awareness and beyond.

    But the so-called scaffolding logically is fundamental not an emergent quality of reality. I want to call this scaffolding God. It’s always there, before anything else. The scaffolding, in this universe seems to eventually marshall us all in a cosmic love no matter how we see ourselves, or the roles we play.

    No matter what hand we are dealt from this election, even to those tried for treason and judged, let the energy of forgiveness flow through the bodies we occupy.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      And there’s a more temporary scaffolding, that of the matrix, the nested, complex web of institutions, laws, and other visible and invisible structures that are temporary and built over time; we need to learn to see through the Matrix scaffolding and reconfigure and even dismantle when and if necessary. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who see the Matrix scaffolding as God.

  2. Stan says:

    Great minds…I had just sent an email to a friend late last night, in response to one of his, that dealt with these very subjects and perspectives. The gist: We are on the edge of a Great Awakening. It is all – all – a matter of consciousness; and Americans needed to be awakened to an existential threat to their country and way of life, for the Next Steps for ALL of humanity to take place, the U.S. being the keystone to the arch into The New.

    As for CAF’s two concerns: 1) There IS a new “kind of financials” afoot. But it is not the one that the NWO crowd envision for humanity (and them). It takes The Process (much like Hegel’s Dialectic) a step further; into the New World beyond the illusion, the matrix, the classroom. And 2) “Both Trump and A.G. Barr” could NOT have stopped the rioting (in Democrat-controlled cities) – short of a declaration of Martial Law – because of our form of government, viz., a federal constitutional republic. He could possibly have invoked the Insurrection Act, but that could likely have sparked a wholesale uprising of the NWO crowd’s foot soldiers, premature to things still to come out, that will tilt the tide, and help the public see the ‘good side’ of Trump. As you suggest, particularly to include the ‘crimes against humanity’ of sex trafficking, and worse.

    We are right on the creative edge of the Grand Plan. Patience is a virtue at this propitious time for a REAL Great Leap Forward. IMHO.

  3. rose day says:

    Ann, I have accessed CAF off & on for some time and her great talent is in Finance which is but one leg in the race that Donald Trump must run . . . surrounded by vipers 24/7.

    The final lap in an arduous race is often the hardest and I’m inclined to agree with Stan . . . it truly does seem that ‘we are on the edge of a great leap forward’.

    Many envisioning an ascended Earth have been in the trenches long enough that caving so close to the finish line would be counter-productive and the Patience card seems a very good bet at this stage of the endeavor.

    Thank Heaven for sites like Exopermaculture that enable re-charge for the troops!

  4. Tony Costa says:

    Hey Ann!

    As for Trump and “Q” – well, what I shared with you about them when I met you a couple years ago, I still believe – that Trump is controlled opposition, and “Q” is just a way to round up the lemmings so they can be driven off the nearest cliff.

    I still believe that, but I agree with you that it no longer matters. In fact, I think it was either you or Laura Bruno who said that what was going on is that humanity as a whole has decided to face their shadow sides as a collective, and it would take a lot more human suffering before enough people finally woke up and said “NO!” to all of the pain, death, and suffering.

    I think we are about to experience a ramping up of that now, personally.

    But I do think we are on the precipice of finally moving the collective “assemblage point” of humanity from the level of survival, into the heart (as described by Carlos Castaneda); and when that happens, everything will change for the better – though it will take some time to repair the damage that has been done. But we will do it, as a collective (and not a “Borg” collective, but as a people united in the heart).

    As I signed off in my recent article, what is ending is the time of, “I. AM.”

    Soon, we will all live: “I. AM.”

    “WE ARE.”

    (I hope!)

  5. Sylvia says:

    thanks Ann. With love.

  6. Sylvia says:

    loving the comments.
    I concur about humanity’s evolution of consconsciousness, a theme I learned about back when studying Rudolf Steiner. This current time seems to be confirmed as causing a major leap, from many different spiritual sources. One such that I have recently found and which gives me great hope and reassurance is Christina von Dreien. A young woman of 19 (same as my daughter) born with a greatlly expanded consciousness and with many profound talents and insights into many dimensions. Just reading her three books atm and the first two moved me enormously. Highly recommended! Something tells me you will hear from her even when not reading the books. I am flabbergasted, it is as if she is writing exactly tailored to what I have learned about life so far. Her main message is that love will rule and lead us from 3D to 5D, but she acknowledges that there is vast darkness (unlight) in our world that needs driving out, but she has no doubt is is happening.

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