For ten years, Liz Clark has been sailing solo around the world

My first husband dreamed of sailing around the world, and kept threatening to take me and the kids with him. Geez, not MY dream!

About a year ago a friend of mine in his ’60s finally managed to leave landlocked Bloomington for his sailboat full time in Florida. Last time I heard, he was aiming for some small island. I applaud his decision to finally make HIS lifetime dream come true.

Somehow the dream of sailing the world just keeps popping into human heads. Why? And how many actually follow-through? Here’s one young woman who did — and has been documenting her trip. See her website: Maybe we can go too, at least in our imaginations. Even better, let us get up the nerve to follow through with WHATEVER our own dream is.

Imagine what would happen if everyone threw off the shackles and climbed aboard their own soul’s passion!

Sailor wanted! Bartender spends 10 YEARS sailing around the world after a generous benefactor gave her a yacht (and now she’s looking for a travel partner)

  • Liz Clark, 34, was working as a bartender in her hometown of San Diego, California
  • But a professor suggested she use his boat to live out her dream and sail around the world
  • Ten years later, Liz is determined to continue her adventure, although she admits it can be lonely
  • She sails alone in a Cal 40 sailboat, and has travelled about 25,000 nautical miles to date.
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