For ascending insomniacs: Awake in the dark? Turn on the (inner) light!

Note: I posted the Masters of War piece, not because I want to dwell in this kind of darkness, but because I think it imperative we continue to be aware of the ongoing momentum of the “arms race” that will probably accelerate until the financial ponzi scheme that fuels it self-destructs. And BTW: it looks like the end of hegemony is near, given that the BRIC countries are turning away from the U.S. dollar as international currency.

A few further notes: On my walk this morning, saw lots of stuff in the sky of interest. Unfortunately, iphone was at home getting charged, so no pictures. What I noticed: what seemed like either contrail or chemtrails, very high up, lots of them, but short-lived (so contrails?) or spreading out immediately into a kind of thick mist. My intuitive hit: these are ET “cleaning” trails of some kind (as per several channels who say they are doing this)?

And, meanwhile, yesterday I was going to post the Chris Hedges truth dig column from this week, about his lawsuit against the fascist-state inducing NDAA, but then I read Ben Fulford’s weekly report, which says that those FEMA sites will be used to warehouse, not us, but the criminals who are now being arrested by the hundreds. True?

So strange, paying attention to both the dark and the light, simultaneously.

Speaking of dark and light, here’s a new technique that I’ve just invented? discovered? while lying sleepless in the dark at night. I meditate on the chakras, placing my awareness in each chakra in turn, starting with the root, and going up to the crown, inhaling and exhaling a few complete breaths into each chakra — root, reproductive, solar plexus, heart, throat, pituitary, and pineal — immersing in their very different tonalities. And, I confess, getting stuck, more often than not, in the third chakra, where “power” and “control” tend to trip me up and I lapse into frantic thoughts about what I must do tomorrow . . .

If I can manage to get through this hurdle, calm myself down and keep ascending, the heart is a great place to come to. It feels so huge and warm and generous . . . Then up to the throat, so active for this word-smith, and then to the pituitary (where I envisage a single candle flame lighting up all the endocrine glands, allowing them to smoothly pump out whatever hormones are needed to bring me back into balance), and finally, to the crowning glory, the pineal.

And it’s here that I discovered something extraordinary. It is this: if I concentrate my awareness in this chakra visually, if I allow the “space” in the pineal to “fill up,” a light show begins. And this light show can go anywhere, and does, unpredictably — into flashing, sudden brilliance, into a kind of dim haze with streaks, into popping lights — you get the picture? In the process, I encourage the light show by asking (training?) the pineal to fill up to bursting with light, light light light that fills and fills and expands outward and inward to infinity.

Oddly enough, it’s at the point of most light that I then lose consciousness and fall asleep. (I say this is odd, because research says turning on an external light wakes us up further.) So, for all you ascending insomniacs out there, try it! Lie on your back in the dark, meditate on the chakras, turn on the inner light! It just might allow you to fall back to sleep.


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