Food Sovereignty in tribal northern Minnesota

For over two years now, the whole idea of “food sovereignty” — not just “food security” — has been on my radar.

Here’s the difference: Food security stresses “getting enough to eat,” and GMO corporate big ag can and does use this scary mantra to push their poisons on us and continue to gobble up what remains of the world’s still wild, or still farmed-by-villagers land for monocultured, pesticided, soil-depleting wastelands.

Food sovereignty stresses the idea that we the people control what we eat. “To have free choice in what we eat, and to challenge the larger system by growing our own food.” This shift is not only material, but spiritual, reconnecting us back to our Earth Mother. For decades now, Native Americans have been like canaries in the mine: prior to the general American decline in health, those who live on tribal lands had already been decimated by obesity and sugar diabetes and other diseases directly tied to canned, processed and “fast” food.

Here’s a longish video about the growing food sovereignty movement on tribal lands in Minnesota that my permie housemate Jim just sent me. Hope I have time to watch it!

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