One Week’s Food, from Around the World: And what would YOUR heavily groaning table spread look like?

And, how much of what you eat is processed — 70% of which is full of GMO corn and/or soy?

Check out any line at Wal-Mart. What’s in the heavily-laden cart? Boxes, bottles, and cans of chemicals saturated with corn, soy, salt, saturated fat, and sweeteners? And how obese and sad-looking or grumpy or worried is the person pushing it?

Why are so many Americans constantly stuffing their faces? Because we’re trying to correct for stress-fueled exhaustion? Because we’re not meditating?

Meet 7 Families That Will Make Your Groceries Blush

by Rajiv Narayan via Megan

The way people ration their food says a lot about our own habits of waste and overconsumption. I didn’t think I wasted a ton of food because I always compared myself to people I know. And then I saw these families photographed with what they eat each week. Let’s just say this was a wake-up call. My trash bin will be a lot emptier from here on out.

Shahveller, Azerbaijan

Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Mecha, Ethiopia

Yegeghus, Armenia

London, U.K.

Kaftarkhana, Tajikistan

Gutu, Zimbabwe

ORIGINAL: By Anna Kramer at Oxfam America. The photographers are (in order of photos) David Levene (Oxfam), Abir Abdullah (Oxfam), Tom Pietrasik (Oxfam), Abbie Trayler-Smith (Panos), Abbie Trayler-Smith (Oxfam), Andy Hall (Oxfam), and Annie Bungeroth (Oxfam).

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