FINGER TO THE WIND: “Military in control”? What’s REALLY goin’ down?

(And if the military IS in control, then I hope it ain’t led by that traitor, General Milley!)

First, I came across this:

Aha! Then this: what I would like to believe, military in control, and NOT under General Milley.

This next dovetails with the above, and adds more:

As usual, instead of “waiting, believing,” I advocate putting one’s heart into one’s unique passion, and go for it. Whatever happens top down is ultimately going to reflect the millions of us who are working our asses off bottom up to create the transformed world that we envision.

Me? I spent the morning with my podmates in Green Acres Permaculture Village working in our gardens. So hot and sweaty I had to shower afterwards and hang dripping top and shorts over a bannister to dry.

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PhD Philosophy, 1972. Rogue philosopher ever since.
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