Final word on that California “crop circle” — and what we want to believe, and what we need to realize

Lots of folks have sent me links to articles talking about the Salinas California crop circle as, yes, the product of a technology company’s marketing department for a new product.

Here’s how it happened.

“What says otherworldly and impossible but a crop circle?”

“Our audience is people who want to look beyond the human. . .”

My question: Why did it go viral so quickly?

Good marketing, plus: people want to believe.

Another question: what do we want to believe? That ETs will save us?

Here’s famed crop circle investigator Colin Andrews (he coined the term “crop circle”), who received the lifetime achievement award at the 2012 UFO Congress —

Colin’s message for the world now —

The usual question about a “crop circle,” is whether or not it is “real,” i.e., created by ETs.

As I recall from his presentation at the 2012 UFO Congress, Colin Andrews talks about the growing convergence between human and ET intelligence in the creation of crop circles.

My conclusion: crop circles are not all marketing ploys. Furthermore, in the case of the California “crop circle,” what might have started out as a marketing ploy turned out to have a life of its own, no matter how brief (it was destroyed within a few days).

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