February IMPEACHMENT, Days 9 thru 14? Or will the New Moon on Thursday turn the tide.

I woke up this morning, turned on my computer, and checked the chart for that moment; a moment which shifts, remember, quickly, as the four angles of the chart click through, one degree every four minutes, of Earth’s 24 hour rotation.

Not sure why I did that. I usually don’t start my day with astrology.

But lookee here! At the moment I looked at the chart, I couldn’t help but zero in on the rapidly moving Ascendant, that point rising in the East: 22°s Capricorn, for it was exactly conjunct the Moon. In other words, the Moon (which moves one degree every two hours) was, during that four minute window, just rising in the East! Bingo! Synchronicity!

Notice too, this Moon sits only three degrees from powerful, death/rebirth Pluto at 25° Capricorn, and will begin to cross Pluto approximately six hours later. Plus, one more thing of note here, namely: The entire first house (which includes the Ascendant as its start), is filled with an enormous stellium of seven planets, six of them in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, planet of sudden, disruptive changes. 

As I began to write this post, in late afternoon, I decided to look up what time the Impeachment trial had been scheduled to begin. Hmmm. . 1:00 pm, when the Moon reached Pluto!


It’s POWER (Pluto) STRUGGLE (Moon) time, both sides aiming to use lawfare (Capricorn) to win.

Though this second Impeachment trial is slated to continue possibly through Sunday, February 14 (Valentine’s Day!), when I look at the astrology of this latest political drama, frankly, I doubt it will last more than three days — and will feature a number of unexpected, startling, eruptive, even revolutionary moments ( each one timed to coincide with Moon’s crossing one of the stellium planets?)

Why? Uranus sits at 8° Taurus during this entire month of February, and thus still squares transit Saturn (remember that these two (the traditional vs the disruptive) are in a stubborn battle for dominance all year long). Saturn strives to hold on to the past, to determine the form, instate or restate the rules; Uranus says to hell with all that, and stimulates a sense of the earth herself quaking, under our feet.

And guess who has his Taurus Midheaven (his public path) only one degree from there? Why Donald J. Trump, of course!


Since May 2020, Uranus has been traveling back and forth over Trump’s Midheaven, shocking his path repeatedly, over and over again. We are now a bit more than mid-way through this unsettling process. After this month, Uranus will make its final return to that degree area  for four more months, from August through October, of 2021. Expect more surprises. .

Uranus, remember, rules Aquarius where, as of sometime this evening, seven planets will temporarily reside.

Uranus is no stranger to Trump. In fact, his natal Sun in Gemini conjuncts Uranus, opposite Moon in Sagittarius. Trump is a Full Moon person who both identifies dots and connects them; both picks up on isolated facts and details, (Gemini), and has the propensity to stick them all into a large, philosophical framework (Sagittarius) that makes sense of them all. And the framework he’s operating with now, is that of the original U.S. Constitution, and a restoration of the Republic.  (And that this restoration will come about during these years of transit Pluto’s first return to its natal place after 248 years feels to me divinely timed for this revolutionary moment.)

Remember, the term “revolve,” comes from the Latin, revolvere, and means ‘to turn over, turn back, reflect upon.”  One full revolution of Pluto later, after one full Pluto cycle, we are present, if we are fortunate, for the new beginning: the restoration of the original Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

Trump, given his big picture mind, knows the significance of this historical moment in time. And Trump loves surprises! He relishes them. He feels at home with surprise. No wonder Deep State politicos hate him so much. Ten steps ahead, he sees through their games, and uses those games to draw the politicos into them and make them show their hand. Oops! Too late! Caught in the act of cheating, stealing, overturning, faking . .  .

So having Uranus crisscrossing his Mid heaven during this time, feels, for this singular soul, this genuine colossus that strides over the whole world and seeks to lift into space, quite natural (Taurus governs nature, the natural world; Uranus rules airy, inventive Aquarius). It’s natural for Trump to pull up stakes (Uranus in Taurus), and move to Mar A Lago.  Nothing in the material world fazes him. He’s seen it all, worked with it all, and done it all, taken hit after hit and come out swinging, his entire adult life.

Okay. So back to this fiasco of a show trial, and why I think it will end relatively quickly, possibly even abruptly (Uranus). Why?

The New Moon in Aquarius happens to occur two days hence, on Thursday, February 11, at 2:06 pm EST.

By that time, having moved through all the planets in Aquarius but one, Moon finally settles on that one, the Sun itself, at 23°17 Aquarius, and ignites a New Beginning.

The Sabian symbol for 24° Aquarius (one always reads for the next degree up), is


Keynote: The capacity to develop the rational and fully conscious aspect of the mind ahead of normal evolution. 

Note that on the Midheaven (the most public point) of the New Moon chart, the transit of dreamy, hazy, visionary, confusing, deceptive, spiritual Neptune sits. Will the impeachment simply dissolve (Neptune) into chaos (Neptune)? Will it bring about some kind of spiritual awakening (Neptune) in the public, and/or in at least some of the politicos? Who knows.

In any case, even if the trial goes beyond Thursday, I have a sense that the New Moon will be a major turning point in the trial; that enough surprise cards (Uranus) having been played, the politicos who simply cannot keep up with his brilliant, seemingly erratic, stable genius mind, will be only going through the motions, hoping to save face.


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8 Responses to February IMPEACHMENT, Days 9 thru 14? Or will the New Moon on Thursday turn the tide.

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Very Interesting Ann….What a ride this has been and it feels as if we are close to the end. I pray for the hearts and minds of all the sleepy heads pop open and the new world begins. Check this video out Ann. I found it quite fascinating to listen to…VK

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed, it’s interesting. More grist for the mill . . .

    • Barbara says:

      Thanks, VK, for sharing that link. Watched it and appreciated it very much. Confirmed and detailed what I had a small handle on. I particularly liked the word ‘now’ written into contracts.

      And thanks, Ann, for your website which gives me insight into the astrology, of which I have an even smaller handle, but can’t help but learn from your posts.

      Love, B.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    While waiting for reality to kick in my contemplative mind has profound observations to share:

    Sublime Moments of Earth History. …
    (1) Buddha sits under the Bodhi tree and awakens,
    (2) Yeshua ben Joseph as Christ, changes spiritual trajectory of Earth,
    (3) The 105 yard field goal.

  3. marian says:

    gene decode.


    another voice, if you have not heard this one. very positive

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Agreed! I’ve been very interested in his posts on DUMBs. And now it appears, he’s branching out. In fact, it’s likely I was watching his latest when you commented here . . .

  4. Barbara Stubblefield says:

    I’m trying to awake. So much …..seems I keep skipping from here to there
    Is there a good place to start?
    Is there away to protect myself? Family? Ideas?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I’d start with Cathy O’Brien’s book Trance Formation of America pdf online. At least that’s how I started. Call me late this afternoon if you wish, after 4 pm EST.

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