February 2021, THE PRESENT MOMENT, Day 28: Unification of Heart and Mind Required!

From a new interview with Sydney Powell and a tiny bit from General Flynn (min 12-17). Word for passionate word, Sydney, when asked about her response to the continuing election steal:

“It just leaves me virtually speechless that this flat out coup has been allowed to happen in the United States of America, that affects not only the greatest country in the free world but the greatest country in the world that every freedom-loving human being around the world looks to as a beacon of hope to what the world should be.”

Flynn’s main contribution was to say that it’s time for the military that surround DC to go home. That they have lives and families, and must be getting kind of bored. I presume that was some kind of comm. But what was he saying? That the situation is no longer critical there, will not require military intervention? And/or, we already got all the perps, and the kids (from the tunnels underneath), so the mission has been accomplished? Who knows? I sure don’t.

Video: Flynn and Powell

Sydney Powell started the www.defendingtherepublic.org to help fight election fraud, and it turns out that Flynn’s sister Mary is also associated with it in some way. Meanwhile, here’s an interview Mary did with the parents of a couple whose homeschooled seven children were taken by the CPA, with no criminal reason given, and so far, after five years of attempting to get justice from the courts, at any and every level, no recourse. Mary herself worked  to take custody of her daughter’s children when she was separating from an abusive husband, and was denied custody. This, it turns out, is typical. Over 90% of children taken by the CPS end up in foster homes, not of relatives, but of strangers. This makes CPS a lucrative source of children to be trafficked as commodities. Remember, one child can be sold for sex up to 20 times a day, which makes child trafficking an extremely profitable industry.

Warning: They Want Your Children, Too

Which makes me wonder: in yesterday’s post I focused on two areas, both of them crucial and ubiquitous: the horrific fact that child sex trafficking is the currency that runs the world, by blackmailing all involved to forever “obey” their masters, and Martin Geddes’ perspective on the current political and geopolitical situation as we go forward. So: how are these topics connected? The former is gross, ghastly, can’t possibly be happening, says anyone sensitive to their own and other’s humanity, and the latter reads as a dry, technical, analytic, dot-connector. The first touches the heart and soul of  human feeling, and the other mental, a matter of human logic. The former lives in a shadowy global underworld, often literally beneath the ground inside thousands of miles of tunnels and DUMBS that crisscross the globe; or trafficked across national borders, like the horror show that goes on at the southern border of the U.S., which Trump’s Wall was designed, in part, to stop; to human cargo inside container ships, transported across oceans to ports that feature nearby entrances to tunnels, for example, the port of San Diego.

Both the depth and extent of the corruption of child sex trafficking (and associated satanic sacrifice, cannibalism, adrenochrome) of that shadowy underworld that has infected all our communities and organizations world wide, and the depth and the extent of the organizational, bureaucratic, lawfare, corruption in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the U.S. Gov, as shown by the many failed attempts to bring Trump down throughout his first term as well as the 2020 election steal as its latest manifestation, thread throughout society, on all levels, from abusive families to corporate behemoths. Some say that fully 90% of the federal politicians in the U.S. are blackmailed, and thus work only for their globalist masters. Some of the alphabet agencies, for example, the C.I.A., get their money flow for clandestine activities from child sex trafficking.

Thus, the two sides of ourselves, human feeling and human logic, the human heart and the human mind, are inextricably connected just as the corruption from child sex trafficking is the currency that both blackmails abusers and fuels the increasingly massive deep state.

The same can be said at state level and local levels.

The astonishing levels and reach and depth of the corruption is erupting to the surface of the collective consciousness. If Juan O Savin is correct, then March will be the month when no human will be able to ignore child sex trafficking any longer and its critical function in the global deep state. Which means, everybody with a conscience must step up to the plate now, in the precise way that is yours. No two people are alike. No two situations are alike. We must return our great nation to the Constitutional Republic which it was meant to be. This requires each of us to grab hold of our God-given and original national mandate for Liberty and Justice for all, especially our children! and act like we mean it. Act like the inspired Constitution of our original Republic is worth dying for, if necessary.

Remember, over these next few years, Pluto, the planet of primal motion, death and rebirth, total transformation, after 248 yeaars, is returning for the very first time to the degree it occupied when this nation was born on July 4, 1776. Of course this exhaustive, exhausting purgation and transformation would be happening now!

Want to get an interesting video overview of now? Check this out:

Pervywood: Part 6.

That video contains a short presentation of the three city states that we’ve been hearing about lately that have been in control of the entire world: Vatican City (spiritual control),  City of London (economic control), and District of Columbia (military control), and how they are connected, and what it all means.

But a deeper overview of this is to be found in a  long (39 page) pdf which attempts to explain just what happened over time to the U.S. Constitution and how its history  leads to now. It’s very worth reading, though quite confusing at times, (not the post itself, but the process it’s describing), showing just how creatively, cleverly, and sometimes fiendishly human made apparatuses cover nature and keep morphing, — to her, and our, bewilderment . . . But, as I said, it’s valuable on the three city states, including D.C. as its own country, the history of that, plus a history of the “four constitutions,” each one a response to bankruptcy, and on how this history makes sense of what’s going on now. Start at p.29, for just the current scene.

Note: I got this pdf through rumormillnews.com, an aggregate news site which I check regularly. Good thing I realized that this is where I got it, because I couldn’t manage to get to it through the svpvil.com site, where it originally appeared:

The Best Summary of What Is Going On Now — from 1776 to the Present

Finally, I want to point to a session from the CPAC event which, frankly, moved me to tears. So: here’s one situation where my logical brain and my feeling self united, and relaxed my whole being as I realized truth tellers and whistleblowers are coming out now, thick and fast and strong. Each person in the Project Veritas presentation, had his own “reason” for coming out, but they all echoed, in one way or another, these two. And I quote:

“I did it because it will mean something after I go.”

In other words, whistleblowing on a major corporation that is not working for we the people will be his legacy.

Each of us has a legacy, or we could have, if we are brave and stand up, each in our own way, for what we know to be true. As another whistleblower put it:

“My courage is greater than my fear,” thus acknowledging his fear. Of course he’s afraid. Who wouldn’t be afraid of a giant corporation’s blowback when you, as David, dare to sling your tiny stone, with deadly aim, at lumbering Goliath? BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY. Yes.

Kudos to all of them, and to the intrepid seemingly mild-mannered James O’Keefe, who gives whistleblowers a secure place and a reason to gather together as they move forward in their own Aquarian Activation.






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