February 2021, INITIATION, Day Five: Widening Perspectives from the Center of the Soul

I see each individual as occupying the still center point of a widening gyre, inside an infinite universe with no circumference, and the center everywhere.

From any individual “point of view” (point from which we view), the larger our gyre, the more perspective we gain on the swirling forces within it. We owe ourselves to not just “think outside the (official) box,” but to begin to grok and blast through the matrix web that has our entire civilized world bamboozled, dumbed-down, fearful as hell, and thus demoralized, confused, RIPE FOR NWO TAKEOVER. Enough!

Following this introduction, I offer two perspectives which help me further widen my own gyre; two perspectives that help me comprehend and come to terms with the exceedingly strange, hateful, scornful, totally polarized currents of vile energy sweeping our “civilized” world, severing even those who are more or less intimate: partners from each other, parents from children, friends from friends, colleagues from colleagues. Everywhere, strife, one side identifying with the Saturnine status quo, the other side Uranian, daring to see beyond, and to actually crash through Saturn’s conceptual helmet that still imprisons all the terrified ones, forbidding even the tiniest of cracks into their stuck world view, lest it explode to smithereens.

And yes, red-pilling does that. The usually shuffling masked ones especially, those who view their  muffled “political correctness” as “empathy for others,” are easy fodder for the blaring, constantly repeating MSM fear porn propaganda that captures all who have not separated (yet?) from nearly universal childhood indoctrination. A vast gulf separates those who have not transformed their early brainwashed “education” from those who, at some point, awakened, and found themselves, alone, lonely — and yet hungry, for more, more! What is real, beyond the masks, the appearances, the fakery?

Each of these souls, more numerous by the day, must endure initiation, a usually involuntary, transformational process that teaches them, finally, to recognize that their former, implicit  “trust” in the  “highly educated” class of experts and authorities is hogwash, foolish, even dangerous! Genocidal. This process of waking up both hurts and excites, in equal measure. Our separation from others plunges us into a dark night of the soul. We become the butt of jokes from others who now judge us as “contrarian,” as one of my sons deemed me. He might as well have said kooky, crazy, conspiracy theorist. Many others have. One of my sisters says I have “a warped brain”! Yes, both this beloved son and this beloved sister still read and beLIEve in the New York Times. So did I, until I read one too many fake stories about how various U.S. wars begin, one too many fake stories designed to make me justify the rightness of what I knew, intuitively, and in my gut, was both false and unethical.

Something was wrong. Off. What?

So I threw away my my print subscription to the NYT and began to explore on my own. The process is not done. What IS real, I still ask myself over and over again.

The search for Truth, as long as we are embodied on this planet, is never done. Always, larger perspectives form that throw strange new kaleidoscopic lights on everything I considered obvious only a short time ago!

I wonder: how often do “normies” who have not gone through this transformational process realize that people like me were once normies like them? That something happened to me, which not only threw me out of their cozy club, but forced me to stand on my own, an independent thinker who attempts to discern, constantly, who can be trusted to also search for the Truth beyond, behind, above, below all the lies.

This article, sent to me as a personal email by a commenter on this blog, speaks of two faces of evil, one on each side of what Steiner calls the Christ consciousness: Lucifer and Ahriman. Well worth considering.

Ahriman — Occult Annihilation of the Soul

A second article, very long and less overtly “spiritual,” i.e., more worldly in its geopolitical focus on the origins and history of Communist China’s influence and perhaps even takeover of America, hearkens back to Ancient Greece, demonstrating that the polarity between Sparta and Athens mirrors today’s accelerating scenario. The two eras parallel each other, to wit, as Q pointed out, any number of times: INFILTRATION, NOT INVASION.




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