Fearless whistleblower William Binney on Fearless “Batman” Trump vs. the Deep State: Secretive Mechanisms of Systemic Corruption Reduce Odds of Success

I found this William Binney interview thanks to sott.net —

William Binney: There is mind-blowing corruption at the FBI and NSA, says to Trump ‘expose everything’

— and believe me, Binney gives us the most bone-chilling info I’ve heard in a very long time. All about “parallel construction,” where absolutely anybody can be fingered for anything by the use of secret surveillance info to prompt police to look in a certain direction to find their own “evidence” for real or imagined crimes.

Though NSA whistleblower Binney argues that deep state corruption infects all levels of government, including the Supreme Court, and urges Trump to “expose everything,” arguing that the U.S. Constitution needs to be valued over so-called national security secrets, he gives him only a 20% chance of doing so.

Oh, and BTW: those who want to slam Trump for his remark that he would have gone into the Florida school even without a gun, check this out:

A Man Was Being Beaten to Death with a Bat – Then, Trump’s Limo Rolls By!

Still don’t believe it? Here’s  the scan of a newspaper article referring to the same 1991 incident:


Remember, Donald Trump enjoys/endures courageous Mars in late Leo, where it conjuncts the fixed royal star Regulus directly upon his Ascendant, where he meets the world.

Whether or not he — in concert with all of us doing our part to expose festering secrets and corruption in our own personal and group lives — can manage to scour the deep state of long-term systemic corruption remains to be seen. Clearly, Trump is geared to take on enormous tasks that seem impossible to those without courage, and instead prefer to self-righteously trash his outsized personality rather than converge their own energies in the same direction that, if successful, will benefit all of humanity.

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