Fantabulous Community Dinner, as usual!

I was the “lead” for this week’s Thursday dinner. Said I’d roast a chicken. And invited in all the trimmings.

When it came time to carve the chicken, I challenged the men. “It’s traditional! A man carves the chicken! Who wants to do it?”

Derek, a new member of our little two-house pod, raised his hand. “I can do it.”


We all shrieked, and clapped.






Juakim and Asirim, above, are weekly regulars, with their Mom Mariella. They live two blocks away, on 8th Street. Sometimes puppy Shadow stays with them when I’m gone. He was there over Christmas while Mariella’s mom was visiting the family. When I went to pick him up afterwards, Mariella told me “Shadow got five walks a day, because each of us wanted to take our own walk with him.”

For Shadow, the best Christmas ever!

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