FAILING FAKE FAUCI FOILED? Might we be so lucky?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but might it be true that famous Dr. Fauci is about to crash and burn?

Both Tucker and Rand Paul have been reaming him a new one in the past few days. Here’s Rand:

That grilling took place on Tuesday, two days ago, with the New Moon at 21° Taurus,

By now, it should be obvious that this man is not out for the good of the human race. In fact, I’d prefer to call him a genocidist.

And, it may be that I’m correct, flailing Fauci is about to fall. Hmmm . . . Checking his birthdate, December 24, 1940, I see that his Mars sits at 22° Scorpio and his Uranus at 22° Taurus! Bingo!

Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus — sudden explosive disruptive action erupting from the deep.

Today the Sun transits 23° Taurus. Over these past three days the Sun has been illuminating his strong Mars/Uranus configuration. Truly. Are we about to see famous Fauci finally fall?

Independent investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, for one, would be overjoyed. He’s been following the nefarious work of this shyster for many years, and frankly, Rappoport was the first person I turned to for real info when the CV-19 scamdemic got going. Here’s his latest, where Rappoport makes fun of Fauci.

Fauci defends the Crown, descends the evolutionary ladder

And check this out:

The Greatest Criminal Fraud in Medical History: Where’s the Virus?

BTW: I noticed another front page story in today’s local paper with the title, Halfway but Slowing Fast. “Half of Monroe County’s eligible population has received at least its first shot.  .  . [But] Interest in vaccinations continues to wane, and with each passing week, the county is less likely to reach its 75% goal.”

So good to hear some (half?) the locals are actually thinking for themselves, awake but not woke.

And we’re not alone.

Throughout this entire — what is it now, 15 months? — period, I have been astonished how F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) has coursed through the collective psyche like a neverending tsunami. C.G. Jung, of course, was well of the extreme efficacy of psychic epidemics.

He was also severely cognizant of the devolution of western culture since the Cartesian mind/body split.

But of course, we’re supposed to “trust the science!” as enumerated by Faux Fauci as he contradicts himself on masks, distancing, and the vax, over and over again.

You mean “Trust Scientism,” dontcha’ Fauci? For truly, scientism is The Most Prominent Religion, the one that seems to have captured nearly the entire human race. Until now. Hmmm. Lots of folks refusing the vax? Despite what “the experts” tell them? Maybe this scamdemic will be known, later, as the straw that broke the fake science camel’s back?

Meanwhile, yeah . . .

Just remember, there really are only two choices, fear or love. And in the end, love rules.

So don’t get fooled with what’s next to roll out.

Instead, do this:


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