Extinction Protocols: What happens when we repeatedly puncture the skin of Mother Earth?

Part two of a series.

Thom Hartmann:

And if so, what is important?

Bernie Sanders:


And if so, how shall we live?

Guy McPherson:

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  1. jjsanto1962 says:

    My first question to all scientists would be this ; ” How did you not see this coming with all of the advanced technology that you have at your disposal? Are we to believe that this dire situation just recently became discernible? and, why, in the name of all that is reasonable and intelligent, have the separate fields of scientific study not come together as one to study this colossal issue?”

    As a lay person I first noticed something was terribly wrong with our weather in 1992 when I came back to my home state for a visit after living near the gulf coast of the US for 8 years. I am no titled scientist but I was able to feel the increased humidity and heat in Tennessee which should not have even registered on my personal weather “radar” after living so long in Louisiana, but, notice I did! Then in 1999 something happened in Clarksville, Tennessee early one January morning that sent shockwaves throughout that quaint hill city overlooking the Cumberland River: An F-4 tornado devastated downtown Clarksville.
    What happened that early morning was not normal. Not for the month of January at least.
    I do not think I will ever forget that morning. It was my 3rd wake up call.

    Here we are, 14 years later and things are past the point of “no return”. How did this happen one might ask but, for me, it appears very clear what is actually taking place before our very eyes, yet, our eyes ( and ears ) are not accustomed to such sights and sounds. We lack information from those scientists who have access to tools that the average person cannot access. We lack the intellectual curiosity to read brilliant scientists and scholars such as Immanuel Velikovsky and Zecharia Sitchin. ( Carl Sagan and Hawkins are overrated in their intellectual capacities. They lack(ed) a fundamental requirement in the pursuit of truth: humility. )
    We lack humility as well because I have found that if one presents alternate information from scientists, researchers and scholars NOT endowed with Grants from the Asymmetrical Power Structure ( aka Criminal Syndicate ) they are dismissed as “kooks” and ” frauds” outright.
    Only one person that I have spoken with has taken the time to research the topics these men have earnestly and painstakingly presented to the public as evidence of our past and future. Only one.

    I have asked Sam Carana, over at the arctic-news.BlogSpot.com, why it is that they mention nothing of the diminishing Magnetosphere in relation to the melting Arctic Circle. Sam asked me to rephrase my question so that he could better understand what I was asking and, yet, when I did, he not only censored my question he did not even take the time to respond. This behavior is suspicious in my book.
    All those crisscrossed chemtrails are the response to a diminishing Magnetosphere yet not a peep from any scientists to shed light on all of these seemingly disparate issues we humans face globally. Everything is connected! Did these “scientists” not yet receive the memo? They will…..any day now.
    A diminishing Magnetosphere,( all Planets in our Solar System are heating up ), melting Arctic, global warming, mass migrations and die-offs, food shortages, chemtrails, deluges, super storms, dangerous ozone levels, tsunamis, earthquakes ( 2 in this century alone have caused the axis of Earth to shift ), volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, dying boreal forests, methane fires, landslides, underwater volcanoes, landmasses rising out of the ocean, corruption rampant throughout every authoritative body. Slavery of every kind is increasing throughout the world.., even in 1st world countries like America. Greed, pedophilia, pornography, Monsanto, fluoride in drinking water, toxic vaccines, toxic food, toxic goods, toxic rivers and oceans, Nuclear Waste, Fracking, Fukushima, Hate groups, the proliferation of “Panem et Circenses” theatre that so many are addicted to. Garbage is trotted out today in spectacularly shiny packages and we consume this garbage to our body and soul’s detriment. If this is not a species and world in decline then I have no idea what it is that I am looking at.

    As the Annunaki said 200,000 years ago, “The writing is on the wall”. We just need to know how to read what is written.
    Until that time I suppose we will continue to flounder in our inability to collate seemingly disparate information. I know that I have failed in presenting the information to my family in a way that they would be willing to look at it.

    I must confess, though, that I have information that most do not and how I came by it is also “suspect”…but, I cannot shoot myself for having been the recipient of a dire prognosis for all Earthlings, and, I certainly won’t beat myself up over how I came to be in possession of this information. This information connects all those “dots” and brings into clear focus a reality that most would choose to ignore…or run from. We are heading for a Polar Shift…but, I cannot say what will be the impetus that will push us over that proverbial edge.

    Perhaps Carlos Munoz Ferrada is another one of those brilliant and erudite scientists marginalized because he could not be bought…like all the other slavish prostitutes that sell that most precious part of themselves for a few dollars and “15 seconds of fame”. Perhaps he confessed his findings so that mankind could prepare for this eventuality; The same eventuality that I was shown back in1988.

    This picture is very clear to me. The insanity of the 1% can be rationalized if we understood that they know what is about to happen on Earth and are busy shoring up for those bleak, miserable days after the shift ( or meteor strike? ) Their dismantling of the fiat currency markets, raping and pillaging of resources, perpetrating false flag after false flag to distract us from what is real…what is truly important; Our spiritual survival.
    They do not want us to survive physically, emotionally or spiritually. They like us infantilized….just like them.
    Watching the ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony also helps to illuminate the reality of what is actually taking place on planet Earth.

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