Expanding/Deepening Perspectives: What seems to be; what really is

Please read these three weighty posts, one after another. I dare you. Read them slowly, thoroughly. The first two are long, detailed, excruciating. The third comes as welcome relief.

Note that behind the layers of horrific detail, there really is only one single, root “cause” of our malaise, our unwitting ignorance, brutality, and denied shame. That root cause is ultimately philosophical, Cartesian, the “mind/body split.” Centuries ago, western civilization divided mind from body (including the Earth body) and chose to identify only with mind. Rene Descartes:  “I think, therefore I am.”

I walk on the Indiana University campus daily with my dog Shadow. This morning, I passed by probably one hundred students walking to or from class. Not one of them was without cell phone — clutching it, or reading it, or listening to it with earpods. Not one.

Wake up. It’s time.

U.S.A. “Pretend,” Unmasked


Welcome to the Hoax. But Who Are You Going to Tell?

and, the relief :

You were lied to. You do exist.



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