Exit Covid-19, Enter Race War?

What excites me about what is happening now, is how quickly, even instantly, “digital warriors” viewed the horrific video of the [white] cop kneeling on the [black] man’s neck until he died of suffocation and knew, just knew: this is it. This is the next move by those who would do anything, absolutely anything, to try to make sure Donald Trump is not re-elected: Covid-19 which, ironically, united most humans, but in the lowest common denominator of   FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) was beginning to lose steam. What next? Well, how about the opposite tack, Divide and Conquer? Through Race War, of course! Or I should say, again!

Item: It turns out that the cop and the man whom he knelt upon until dead both worked as security guards with overlapping shifts at the same company until just a few months ago. Huh? What’s that about?

Item: The Minneapolis PD says that many of the protestors turned looters — first of Target and, after three days, who knows of how many other businesses to haul out TVs and other paraphrenalia — are not from Minneapolis, but elsewhere. Oh yeah, and Antifa, which has been mysteriously quiet during Covid-19, is back in force, in yep, Minneapolis.

Item: Hundreds of protestors landed this morning at the Minneapolis airport.

Item: It may be that the man dressed in all black who wrecked stores in Minneapolis was a police officer at the St. Paul PD. Huh? Of course the St. Paul PD denies it. But how was he identified? His ex-wife said it was her mask on him, and her gloves.

Hmmmm . . . was this whole thing, now three days long and counting, STAGED? Moreover, does all this and more smell like another Soros operation? If so, Qanon is already on to it, and that means we the people are, too.



There’s lots more on this op, lots of videos, etc. So many bystanders no longer just standing around, but witnessing with their phones, and then posting the evidence to Twitter.

A few Candace Owens tweets give the flavor:

P.S. The cop in question has just been arrested, charged with murder.

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3 Responses to Exit Covid-19, Enter Race War?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    5/29/2020 The Anarchists This Way Come. https://tinyurl.com/y78f9qvx During the Occupy Wall Street, I followed the movement with a fine tooth comb and became informed and aware of all the movement nuances. The IMAGERY and NARRATIVE were bifurcated. The narrative was honest, direct, meaningful, needed, scared the heck out of the deep state. But the imagery controlled and won out over the narrative.

    Ask the average businessman or pastor if they supported Occupy Wall Street, and you would receive a resounding No.

    Trump aligned with the narrative of Occupy Wall Street. He incorporated their language and talked directly too them. He wasn’t supposed to win.


    But the imagery won out. There was a murder on the streets in Oakland and what’s more after dark, the violent arm of the anarchists dressed in their commando masks and dark cloths and running shoes would come in after 4 pm and start smashing things. By dark they would have good news coverage hitting the late news of fires, burning cars, and looting. They would then disappear as quickly as they had arrived. In a blink.

    The narrative as to public opinion didn’t stand a chance with the poorly informed, naive, ignorant public, hard at work at their jobs and raising their families. As far as they could see, it was all a bunch of hooligans led by a handful of young Berkeley-type commie elites from privileged families, funded by George Soros. They all needed to get out of their mom and dad’s house, get a real job and start becoming productive.


    Candidate Trump understood. Chief Strategist for Candidate Trump, Steve Bannon understands street language and extracted out of the chaos the Trump strategy that’s now history. That strategy brought along a new class of Trump supporters, the Occupy Wall Street youth crowd. The average working family, the professional classes, even the clergy nearly all associated with the negative imagery of Occupy Wall Street, but Trump through the genius of Steve Bannon, was speaking a new narrative that incorporated the Occupy Wall Street movement’s concerns.


    Now the violent anarchists are starting another bifurcation of narrative vs. imagery, this time with a Race War. This is the post below by my friend Ann Kreilkamp.

    These violent anarchists are the negative end of the spectrum of good and bad anarchists. Yes there is such a thing. They operate the same set of tactics as in Occupy Wall Street. Enter the city late afternoon just before dark, in commando masks, and running shoes, start breaking things, start fires, and then disappear as quickly as they arrived. The whole imagery of their violence is to manipulate you to not feel compassion for the George Floyd as much as you feel hate for police, for government, and for Trump. Hold the line with love. Reject the anarchist’s imagery as the false narrative.

  2. Anthony says:

    I think you are right, this whole Minneapolis thing stinks to high heaven. But I then have to ask: why is it getting easier and easier to see through these shenanigans? Is it because we as a collective are really waking up? Or are these “false flags” being deliberately torpedoed so that we *think* we are really catching up to them, and to throw off our newfound ability to see “truth”?

    Are we being led along a trail with gingerbread crumbs to eventually wind up in a reality that THEY want us to embrace, where THEY (the “White Hats”) – supposedly acting as benevolent leaders – will be worshiped when they finally defeat the “Evil Deep State”; but in order for THEM to get there, WE must willingly believe that THEY are acting in our best interests, and thus accept them as our “saviors” when, in fact, THEY have been a part of this whole crappy production from the start?

    There are a lot of layers to this onion, and many we can’t see from our current level of existence. Keep leading yourself forward and NEVER stop thinking and questioning. This roller-coaster ride has just begun.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Point well taken! AND: I set my sail to what, in my limited imagination, I envisage as the BEST outcome, utilizing whatever will get us there along the way. In other words, not just sitting back, neutral and detached, but active and in forward motion. Alt-Epistemology combined with Ethics.

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