Exercise in relativity . . .

Joan Bird just sent this missive to her UFO list. Really a terrific NASA site: www.apod.nasa.gov. Especially March 12, which shows scaling at any level . . . Whew! Thanks, Joan!

A friend just sent me the link to this website, and it is full of interesting information. For March 12 (apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120312.html), you will see this picture with a bunch of things in it, including a human. If you slide the scroll bar left or right at the base of the picture, you will change the order of magnitude, and can view both larger and smaller scales. One would learn a lot just exploring the different scales and the objects in them. By clicking on any object, you get a short description.

I was fascinated to see how small Sirius B is, and also to learn of the existence of Cruithne, which is asteroid size, smaller than our moon, and orbits the Sun in an orbit close to the Earth’s. who knew? The comparison of planet and star sizes is also very interesting, especially when we start thinking of those places as other worlds. — Joan


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