Excellent fact check and perspective on Bundy Ranch Drama

From my notes:

Remember when nobody stood up when Occupy was crushed? Well, that didn’t happen this time. The sleeping giant is starting to wake up.

I want to add here, that despite my personal pacifist stance, what happened in Nevada between April 10 and April 13 2014 demonstrates the power of the argument to not institute gun control in this country. Back in 1979, I got involved for a short while with a western cowboy/military vet who’d tell me that “if they take away our guns then only the government will have guns.” I thought he was alarmist. No longer. The only reason the BLM backed off under that I-15 overpass on Sunday morning was because they knew those coming at them were also armed, and that if they did shoot, they were outnumbered.

Remember, we are the 99%, and we vastly outnumber those who would enslave us.

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  1. Bill Chisholm says:

    I find the whole Bundy?BLM episode quite strange. I think that the fundamentals of the situation got hyped over by a lot of rhetoric that didn’t fit the situation. It looked more to me like a fight looking for a place to happen. I own guns, but I don’t allow them to do my thinking.. in fact my observation is that a gun in most hands lowers one’s IQ about 20 points..because it creates a false sense of personal power.. not one that comes about through the hard work of self-discipline..(note that many martial arts philosophies emphasize not going to violence as the ultimate place)… throw in religion or some other self-rightous dogma and you can take away another 20 points from the old IQ, which doesn’t leave much chance for reason.

    I just saw an FB post where Texas Open Carry folks walked through an art show with their loaded weapons… Is this moving forward into a new and saner world? In Idaho the Lackeyslature passed a bill to allow concealed weapons on college campuses. To my thinking, anyone that is so paranoid to feel that necessary is exactly the kind that is going to be easily affronted by some new and different thought and go to the gun as an quick an easy solution to a disagreement.. somewhat like the ex-cop that shot the young man in the movie theater.

    Interesting that last evening I attended a local city council meeting in support of a resolution originally put forth by my right wing neighbors calling for the repel of those dastardly aspects of t he 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that give the government the ability to incarcerate indefinitely and without charge anyone they determine (how?) to somehow be enemies. There is a lot fear and anger on the so call “Right” that bothers me, but on this and in fact on quite a number of issues we agree. I was asked after the meeting by a friend and neutral observer of the process… “Why would the government arrest us?” So I mentioned the Japanese internment camps.. (there was one not far from here at Hunt, Idaho)… I told them a little story about a plan hatched by Ollie North during the Reagan Administration to set up FEMA run concentration camps to hold anti-war protesters in case Reagan decided to invade Nicaragua. When might one come into opposition of US military and war ambitions?

    These are wild and crazy times… I think a time for cool and calm… for the discerning mind, not the Pavlovian knee jerk reaction. As one of my daughters said to me the other night… “I don’t believe everyone’s aspect of a story is the true story. I believe it is their version.” One needs to get the whole story.

  2. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Complete with cached screen shots from the Way Back Machine, this video cuts through the BS. Yes, it’s about the federal government using environmental claims to grab land for corporate deals, but apparently, in this particular instance, it’s not about fracking. My apologies for linking to the article that said it was. Having lived in NV, I do know NV geography and should have caught that. On the other hand, this overall pattern of corporations and NGO’s using government agencies to grab land is far too common. From Mesoamerica all throughout the US, in small towns, on farms, out West … the individual corporate logos and political faces may change, but the pattern remains consistent. I like how this narrator connects the mistreatment of the Occupy Movement and the Bundy situation, reminding us of the false left-right divide. Yes, I’ve read that the Koch Bros. are fighting Harry Reid as usual … but remember the Bankers Manifesto of 1892. In the staged battle of left and right, there’s one intended loser: We the People. Whether black, white, Dem, Rep, Tea Party or hippie, we need to look at patterns as the overall agenda marches on behind media’s smoke and mirrors.

  3. Rich Buckley says:

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