Everything is holy now

So very grateful to have been born into a family where spirituality is the ground of our being. Raised Roman Catholic, we seven remaining siblings have evolved to inhabit different psychological and intellectual universes, as well as different versions of the sacred. Even so, it is there, it is there! — inside all of us, and guiding the way home. I contrast this with the atmosphere that a friend of mine inhabits at work: she’s in her early 50s, and her co-workers are all young technological geeks in their 20s, for whom the holy is foreign. She herself was brought up Quaker, and says she can feel herself needing to return to this spiritual root.

A few days ago I was on the phone with my son Colin, of the Garden Tower Project. We spoke of the word “ethical,” and together decided that each of us is going to use that word in public from now on, to indicate why we make certain choices.

So, on this day which may be a showdown day for the water protectors in North Dakota, let us pray for the unifying vision that will hold all of us, protectors, veterans and and police alike, those who would return to Nature and those who have forgotten Her, inside the same flowing, oceanic Love.

Finally, in hearing this song I’m reminded of the day not even two months ago when we sibs danced around the altar at St. Benedict’s Priory in Jerome, Idaho. Brother Mark, a new leader in the Dances of Universal Peace tradition, taught us a song, and its movements, and we danced. So special, that day of commemoration for our sister Mary, who had recently died, the first of us to cast off her body for the mysterious unknown.

Mark sent this song out to us. We can all imagine him singing it, and know that he will do so next time we meet.

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  1. Erika Keller Rogoff says:

    Wonderful, Ann. May we sing our prayers loud and clear with the full knowledge that everything is holy now. Blessings and love and many thanks. Erika

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