EVER GIVEN OPENING CONTAINERS? True? If so, the entire drama a white hat op?

Or am I the April Fool . . .  I remember my nana, calling her husband from his bed in early morning every April 1, to answer the downstairs telephone. “LEO! LEO!! LEO!!!” she would trill, louder and louder until he finally lumbered down the stairs. Every single year she did this to him. He never caught on.

Funny how unserious the jokes used to be.


Last word would be “water.”

Q: “Watch the water.”

If you recall, Egypt’s president wanted to unload the containers, ostensibly to lighten the load while the ship was stuck, but was there this other reason?

I searched duck duck go for “global warrant for Evergreen’s cargo ships.” Nothing came up.

And this is the only mention I’ve seen on social media.

So, false? Or covered up, FAST.

Meanwhile, Evergreen Shipping, wouldn’t ya know, says it won’t be responsible for Ever Given cargo delays.

I wonder . . . what awaits the ship in Rotterdam?


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2 Responses to EVER GIVEN OPENING CONTAINERS? True? If so, the entire drama a white hat op?

  1. Sylvia says:

    If you are nudging me to go check it out in Rotterdam…I will have to disappoint you lol…but you know what? So many Dutch now awakening, I am sure somebody will! I guess this little country being the heart of the cabal makes it so, energetically or something…darkness attracting Light…does it ultimately want to be shone on?!?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Actually, wasn’t nudging you, though well aware of your proximity. And I like your question at the end of comment. Maybe so!

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