Euclid Blizzard Blows Plans Back, Stirring Memory —

curwx_600x405Funny how this storm is today centered exactly over the region marked by my son Sean and family’s planned drive today from Alliance, Ohio (near Cleveland, where Sue’s Mom lives) to Bloomington Indiana. Last night he said he’d call me this morning to let me know if they’d start out tomorrow instead. Yep!

Wikipedia: “Euclid” is the anglicized version of the Greek name Εὐκλείδης, meaning “Good Glory”. Oh yeah? A part of me feels giddy with excitement. Another part of me wonders if the storm was geoengineered.

Geoengineered Storms Wreaking Havoc around the Globe

That same part of me wonders why the sudden decision to give names to winter storms? Is this to personalize them, make them seem more alive, deadly, scary? If so, the last one’s name, Draco, was better suited to the task. This one, Euclid, is dissolving all the hard edges that geometry measures, thanks, originally, to the mathematician Euclid.

BTW: I was a terrible student in all forms of math, starting with arithmetic when, in first grade, I raised my hand and asked, clearly dumbfounded: “But . . . but . . . but what is a number?” Immaculate Heart Sister Mary Bernita looked at me, equally dumbfounded.

She kept looking at me, staring, turning my little face red as other kids looked back and over to see me squirm with shame.

Finally she mumbled, “That is not a question, dear,” and turned back to the blackboard.

That was it! That was the last real question I ever asked in school. Instead, I became a really good student (in everything except math), memorized all the rules and all the answers. Stuck myself inside the box and stayed there.

Until, that is, my Saturn return. Saturn has a 29.5 year cycle. It’s the cycle that creates the structures that civilization uses to keep its restless denizens in line. Once we complete a full cycle of Saturn (once it returns to where it was when we were born for the first time) we can wake up, and learn to utilize its “focusing” “forming” action consciously, rather than be used by it. What was experienced as a wall can transform into a channel.

Check out David Icke’s view that the rings of Saturn are actually a giant mind-control programming device. Fits right in with the astrological understanding of the unconscious use of Saturn.

Yes, just past my 30th birthday, I discovered astrology. And used it to propel myself out of the Saturn box.

Once I realized that studying the relationship between important events in my life and ever-changing configurations of the planets could help me de-program myself, I became obsessed. Finally geometry made sense! Not even the need to learn how to do logarithms (to set up charts, pre-computer days) fazed me, so powerful was my drive to immerse myself in this ancient symbolic language.

So here we are now, in Bloomington, Indiana, during a blizzard. Both my kids “get” me and my passions, at some level, but much more important, indeed crucial, is our circle of love.

After Sean called, I relayed the message to son Colin. That’s what he figured, of course. Said he’d bake the lasagna for tomorrow evening’s first feast today.

From my windows, around 9 a.m. Wow! As I was posting this photo, I just heard a big whump! I knew it was snow, sliding off the greenhouse roof. Puppy Shadow didn’t know, went on high alert.





Ommigod. And it’s not supposed to let up until early evening! Sorry Shadow, no walk today.

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5 Responses to Euclid Blizzard Blows Plans Back, Stirring Memory —

  1. isis2012 says:

    A great report … and I also wondered when did they start giving names to winter storms …

    Also you made me consider how storms like this could indicate swirling forces of portals opening in the vicinity of the highest wind points …

    And how so very often events taking place are out-side of our frequency view as the are occurring in one of the other 3 gravitational fields of alternant realities, sharing the same surface space as we do on the crust of the Mother Earth …

    This being so … I also consider that either someone was leaving out ….. or some one was coming into this section of the solar system …

  2. Sorry to hear Sister Bernita was dumbfounded! But such a big question? I believe number is the way we measure ourselves and so that makes it infitie but don’t ask me what infinte means? I guess in just means “great unknown?” I like your question Ann. You are just the kind of questioner good teachers dream.

  3. I can just imagine how much love would have opened had you been my teacher way back then!

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