ET/UFO: Slow (and Partial, and Skewed) Disclosure Ramps Up

And of course, is filled with misinfo and disinfo. But hey, it’s the New York Times! Paper of record, right?

Here’s what Jordan Sather has to say about it. And remember, this could all be a lead up to some kind of false flag involving “evil aliens,” the military industrial complex’s “final card,” according to Carol Rosin, who got it from Von Braun, after communism, terrorism, and asteroids.

Politico also had the story.

The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs

Here’s Gwenevere Whelan, a member of Central Indiana cseti, posting on her assessment of the differences between the two publications.

I’m interested to hear what people’s thoughts are on these articles. I read them both, and I think I like the POLITICO article better than the NYT article. They both have their pros and cons, however I prefer the POLITICO article for three reasons:
* The POLITICO article provides links to sources in their article, which the Times’ does not (note: I did not visit any of those links, so my impression that this is a pro may be misguided);
* The POLITICO article references the Times article, where as the Times article does not reference the POLITICO article;
* The POLITICO article seems to go more in-depth on the positive aspects of our Star Visitors than does the Times article, including the point that our Star Visitors don’t seem to be a threat to us (especially with respect to nuclear sites).
Things I do not like at all about either article are that they make out the black ops projects to be good things; they neglect to mention anything whatsoever about how we are threatening our Star Visitors, despite the fact that they are not a threat to us; they suggest that “UFOs“ and “aliens“ (I hate that word) might not be real.
I’m also very scared that this might be the beginning of the “free-press” component of the false-flag operation “alien threat from outer space“.
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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, I am inclined to agree with Jordan Sather as I personally feel that what is now termed ‘soft disclosure’ in the ET domain will be high-jacked in an attempt to divert attention from powerful ‘tough disclosure’ now occurring in the PT (Present Terrestrial) domain . . . think Pedogate, Mediagate, Pharmagate, Spygate, Wargate, Currencygate, Energygate, Environgate . . . this list could easily stretch into infinity but would never be complete without inclusion of Congressgate.

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