ET and us: Oops! We’re losing our fear; the programming is breaking down

Along with pedophilia (plus child murder, blood sucking, and organ trafficking), there’s another elephant in the global room, one which is also becoming more and more visible, over especially the past year or so. I’m sure these long slow “soft disclosure” roll-outs of what was previously hidden and forbidden are intentional. What I’m less sure of is whether or not we the people will be able, through our growing awareness of predictive programming, to stop/avoid/make fun of, the cabal’s plans for a false flag “ET?UFO invasion” as the last card in their desperate, furious overreach to lock us all up into their centralized, police state New World Order.

Meanwhile, despite scores of scary movies rolled out over the decades, we don’t seem all that scared! Is their programming failing? Are we becoming immune to fear-porn?

Just in the past two days, these two reports, one of them MSM (Reuters):

Are earthlings alone? Half of humans believe in alien life


Americans will welcome ET visitation, says psychologist

Meanwhile, here’s one young woman who’s not only not scared, she’s imaginative and highly creative, leading us on a wondrous tour of her many-layered investigation into what may lie behind and within the notion of The Bull’s Eye.



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