ET: All “good”? Or, some “good,” some “evil.” The $64,000 question. Or is it?

It certainly may be the question in this third dimension, where we learn about linear “cause and effect” from continuous application of free will to choices between contrasts. And if that’s the dimension that all ETs (and interdimensionals, and perhaps other earthlings  (faeries, elementals, dolphins and whales, spirits of the place, etc.) are in fact occupying, then, yes, I’d say there are both kinds. However, might it be that once one increases one’s frequency, that at “higher” levels, in “higher” dimensions, that’s not the case, that all ETs (and interdimensionals, etc.) ARE what we would call benevolent?

This may be one way to harmonize what is probably the biggest controversy within the UFO community.

Here’s Carol Rosin and Steven Greer, both of whom assume — in fact, both are adamant — that any “bad” stuff that goes on with supposed ETs is actually humanmade, including abductions.

(Frankly, I personally have trouble seeing humans in little grey costumes, pretending to be little greys abducting humans, but then again, hey! And besides, it might be that humans have manufactured these little biological entities which apparently  function more like machines than like ensouled beings.)

In the UFO world, there are way more people who see ETs as both good and bad, depending upon which species, and which agenda. (And of course, it certainly is a way to sell more tickets — whether to movies or to conferences.)

Plus, in both camps (good vs. good/bad), the idea is now commonplace that humans themselves have technologies far beyond what most of us are aware of (some of them back engineered from crashed ET craft); indeed, that not only must we ask “whose UFO — theirs or ours?” when we see one, but that “We now have the technology” as Ben Rich, of Lockheed’s Skunkworks once famously remarked, ” to take ET home.”

Not only that, but as far as “evil” goes, we humans certainly take the cake! Check this out, one possibility re:  current weather wars, as we wait, with baited breath, for Hurricane Jose, now parked off the east cost, to batter New York during the upcoming UN conference . . .

Was Hurricane Irma Steered by Masers from Satellites in Weather War Against the US?

Carol Rosin would say no. In fact, she’s adamant about this idea, too, that at least so far, “THERE ARE NO WEAPONS IN SPACE!!”

Let’s back up a bit from this and other controversies over Es and all the rest that the heavens which enclose our small sphere offers. Let’s remember, as we are beginning to realize, that we humans too are “made of star dust;” plus, if some of us are even ETs ourselves, or at least with hybrid DNA, then the distinction between extraterrestrial and human tends to thin and dissolve.

One more 3D “contrast” that we will no longer have to choose between! No longer have to consider visitors from afar or from underground or other dimensions “alien”! Ultimately, perhaps, we will realize that in all of the infinite, mysterious cosmos there are no strangers, there are only other beings, like ourselves, all seeking to express their own natures in communion with all the others.

In any case, looking at the question of “all good” or “some good and some bad” multidimensionally may help us recognize that no matter what we think or believe, it’s all true in some dimension or other; plus, that whatever we can imagine has probably already been done.

I came across a very interesting name to give my own open attitude towards humans and their “beLIEfs.” It’s a Jain concept: Anekantavada. Check it out!

This afternoon and evening (8 p.m. to midnight) I will be gathering with son Colin Cudmore and about a dozen others from near and far who are to meet in nearby Brown County, for the next five days, September 17-21, to learn the protocols for ET contact in the afternoons, and then to sit with binoculars in the evening, in a meadow, for four hours. Not sure how much I’ll be able to blog, if any! But you can be sure I will have lots to report afterwards.

Here’s the website for what we’re about to do here with Kosta Gus Makreas.


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