Eric Francis: Mars ploughs into the cardinal cross

I’m glad I came across this article, as I hadn’t been paying close attention to current astrology. Eric Francis is right, Mars has joined the radically fractious cardinal cross with Saturn in Libra (stern judge demands justice, fairness, a rebalancing, gradual change) opposing Uranus in Aries (fiery, revolutionary, energy breaks out into extreme independence), and both of these planets square (in friction to) Pluto in Capricorn (planet of death and resurrection in the sign of tradition and structure: the powers-that-be cling desperately to the old plutocratic order, their false control over others, to no avail; the dying gasps of the old ushers in the new through the primal plutonian energy of the universal life force).

Now, add Mars in Cancer to this explosive, three-planet mix; young, male, impulsive yang energy getting, shall we say, emotional, about the ongoing, now accelerating destruction of home and family and security, and community, not to mention Mother Earth herself.

What Eric didn’t mention is that Mars entered this potent stew around August 4th, and that it will start to wane in its capacity to fuel the chaos further by the end of the third week in August. That’s only a bit more than two weeks for Mars with Saturn/Uranus/Pluto.

The next time Mars will add its energy to the three-planet cardinal T-cross (which, by the way, is waning, in that Saturn is even now gradually leaving the scene; that will leave Uranus and Pluto to duke it out through 2015 without the moderating influence of Saturn) will be in July of 2012, when Mars moves through the cardinal sign of Libra. Once again, the desire for justice and fairness will be in the air. Thanks to

Solar flare earlier today, photograhed by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. SpaceWeather writes, "The brunt of the explosion was not Earth directed. Nevertheless, a minor proton storm is in progress around our planet, which could affect satellites in high-altitude orbits."

Behold the World

by Eric Francis

August 9, 2011

As you may have read in today’s daily astrology post, we have Mars starting to heat up. It’s joined the cardinal cross (Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn), which together are the core of the 2012 alignment. Cancer is filling in the missing leg of a T-square, creating a grand square aspect — all four of the cardinal signs with planets in a close aspect structure. So we are getting the full activation of the 2012 phenomenon — and I’m not saying this due to astrology alone, but rather based on what anyone can witness.

Notice what is happening in the world. After a month of political brinksmanship and what amounted to taking the federal government hostage, the United States was pushed to within hours of defaulting on its debts. Friday, its credit rating was lowered by Standarad & Poor’s — which gives credit scores to large entities. This has led to a dive in the stock market, currently underway, erasing more than a year of gains. We don’t really know the truth about how bad the U.S. federal deficit is — most of it is hidden behind the books of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank that prints our money and gives cheap loans to banks and other massive institutions. I have heard that the hole in the FRB’s books is as high as $250 trillion. If anything close to that is true, the $14 trillion federal debt is a drop in the ocean and little more than a distraction — but either way, we have some accounting to do.

Meanwhile in London, the streets are on fire with rage. People are wondering what the anarchy’s all about, and I would say that shit rolls downhill. Every time I see a photo of the London riots, I think of another photo I saw of UK Prime Minister David Cameron hanging out on vacation with former News Corps CEO Rebekah Brooks. There is anarchy in the top levels of society, with our supposed leaders running rogue, doing what they please with no accountability to the people who pay their salaries.

Speaking of — in Wisconsin today, voters are in the process of dumping six Republican state senators who were involved in gutting union rights earlier in the year — actions which were behind weeks of massive protests in Madison and other cities. The governor created a fake fiscal crisis (much like we have in the federal government) and then took the opportunity to lay off teachers and nurses to impress their wealthy campaign donors.

This is a glimpse inside the window of 2012 astrology. While the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto isn’t until June 2012, both planets are now being activated by Mars, which is very close to the real thing. Behold the world.

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