“Epstein didn’t kill himself” has morphed into code for WE DON’T BELIEVE THE LYING MSM

Notice how that happened? And how everybody, right or left, is “in on it.” The memes are both hilarious and constant.

Here’s one of my faves, mainly because it was on MSNBC. The reporter, obviously, didn’t want to hear it:

Here’s one compilation (though for all I know, they might have all been done by the same person).

Guess what? Think about it. If we all agree, right and left, that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, then are we all united! In other words, the revolution, which so many are predicting, is no longer necessary?

But wait a minute. What started this meme’s viral travel? Here’s one proposal:

Why Jeffrey Epstein started trending almost three months after his death

Here’s a thoughtful post about the situation which keeps in mind that we need to remember that Epstein was not your ordinary run-of-the-mill pedophile criminal, but indeed the one who might be the lynchpin of an enormous world wide web of blackmailed people in politics, higher education, Hollywood, sports, etc.

What it means that nobody believes that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself

I remember wondering about the video that had Bill Barr saying that yes, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. Didn’t ring right for me. (Can’t find it now, but he put it out after the coroner’s report.) He said it with head down, without fanfare; it seemed to me that his body language indicated that he didn’t want to tell a lie but his position as AG, or the official narrative, forced him to.

Huh? You say. You mean we can’t trust Barr to tell the truth?

Yeah, that’s what I said too, until two days ago, when someone I know well, and who would prefer not to be identified, steered me to this, which, he said, surprised the hell out of him: three seasoned and trusted remote viewers from Farsight Institute, who say that Epstein DID kill himself! I haven’t watched it yet, but plan to.

My friend noted that he could see this happening in the following way: Whoever it was that wanted him dead (black hats? white hats?) set it up so that he was given a choice: either kill yourself or we will make your death long and slow and tortured. Which is why the guards weren’t present and the camera didn’t work.

So, despite broken hyoid bones short space between top of bed and floor, and so on, as unlikely as it sounds, what if it’s really true, Jeffrey Epstein DID kill himself?

Even so, the Epstein didn’t kill himself meme, now that it has taken off, won’t die down anytime soon. First of all, “remote viewing” is not something that most people are aware of; indeed it’s another rabbit hole that one could go down — a so-called paranormal ability that can be trained and that the U.S. military, for one, has long been interested in.

And secondly, people are really getting off on saying it. It’s like giving the finger to the Deep State’s mainstream media propoganda arm:  We just plain don’t believe you about anything anymore.



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5 Responses to “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has morphed into code for WE DON’T BELIEVE THE LYING MSM

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    Just letting you know that Courtney Brown was trained by Ed Dames, a military man with CIA connections, and he also took courses at the Monroe Institute, which has direct roots in the CIA. The Farsight Institute is his brainchild, but has its roots in CIA top-secret programs for mind control and telepathy.

    So, he might have ulterior motives here. Just saying…

    p.s. Epstein lives.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      True! He certainly may have ulterior motives. Would that affect the remote viewers? Are they mind-controlled by him? Just wondering. And yes, didn’t consider in this post if Epstein actually lives.

  2. Anthony says:

    As an aside, check out the header under the “Natural News” banner:


    Maybe it’s time to get the hat…

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:


      • Anthony says:

        Awww, they changed it back…but in case anyone checks in on this post in the future and wonders what was posted on that site, it was this:

        Ⅎ˥ƎSWIH ˥˥I⋊ ⊥,NᗡIᗡ NƎI⊥SԀƎ

        Just get into the upside-down yoga post, and it will all be clear!

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