Elephant in the Global Room becomes Glaringly Obvious: PEDOGATE

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Anyone who has on his or her thinking cap knows that if there is one common concern that will make everyone wake up and take notice, it’s the care of our children. Which, of course, is why the pedophile (and worse, even worse) horror has been a big open secret for so long. We can’t afford to notice. Because if we do, we will either be forced to take action or to ignore our own core values.

Steve Beckow has recently broached the subject, and does so as delicately as possible, knowing just how sensitive humans are to this subject, while producing a decent overview.

Telling the Cabal to Stop, Part I

Here’s one among many examples of someone who survived the abuse, and has lived to tell the tale.

My name is Anneke Lucas, and I was a Sex Slave to Europe’e Elite at Age Six

And don’t think it’s just Europe. In the U.S. it seems to be concentrated  especially in the halls of government and entertainment. By which I mean Washington D.C.

Former Congresswoman: If Trump Goes After High Level Pedophiles, It Will Take Down Dems and Republicans

and Hollywood.

Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast on Blood of Kids’ 

Plus, in all sorts of small and large towns all over this land. Remember the Franklin Scandal? That was North Dakota. Remember all the pedophile priests? That was first uncovered in Boston, and made into a film, Spotlight. The sports coaches? Jerry Sandusky? Note that his adopted son has just now been convicted on the same kind of charges. Oh yes, and there’s the Seattle Mayor, one of at least eleven mayors in the past year or so to be convicted on child sex charges.

And now, possibly:

Meganon Says the “GANG” Arrests Going on Now in DC are about Pedogate


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