EEEK! SCARY! Earthquakes, fires, record storms, global warming, cooling, what else?

I remember, way back — when was it, in the 1970s? — a dear friend of mine got scared, thinking the poles were going to shift and all hell would break loose. She wondered where she could go to remain safe.

Turns out she may have been right. At least about the shift. But more like drift, slower than she expected. At least so far!

The Magnetic Field Is Shifting. The Poles May Flip. This Could Get Bad.

And yes, according to my professional dowser friend Lee — who started his 9-hour drive home to North Carolina today at 9 AM, hoping to beat an historic storm  —  geomagnetic north and true north are now some degrees away from each other.

I forgot to ask him: is the magnetic north pole always wandering from true north?  If so, then all the fear-mongering would seem to be silly.

As usual, context matters, not just in space, but in time. The larger, and the more layered, the better, in order to remain centered, and not react in fear.

Some time in the 1990s I saw a map that claimed to show what the U.S. would look like by — hmmm, can’t remember when, probably about now, 2018! I can’t find a copy of that map on the internet now, but it showed the U.S. basically split in two, with water filling up much of the Mississippi basin for a hundred miles east to west.

Yep! I got scared! And was very glad I didn’t live in the middle of the country — oops! where I live now!

A few years ago I read a book about the 1820-21 earthquakes that liquified much of the New Madrid Fault zone and caused the Mississippi to run backwards. Here’s that zone, and yes, it does seem to go all the way up through central Indiana, where I live. SO. Let’s get scared, shall we?

“Oh wow!  Shall I move to somewhere safe?”

I haven’t thought that way for many many years, though I know that many people do. Like  the residents of Alaska right now, after the recent 7.1 earthquake and thousands of aftershocks (only 10% of those noticeable — but still that means 180 aftershocks that you can feel with 7 days of the quake) that continue to keep him and the rest of the 300,000 residents of the Anchorage and Matanuska Valley on edge. 

Here’s a portrait of John and Jeannie, parents of daughter Hannah at her wedding last summer. I asked him to give me a rundown in writing of what the 7.1 quake felt like for him. He was at home, alone with his dog, only ten miles from the epicenter. Here is his account, verbatim and unedited.

sorry this took me a while
But have needed time to process this along with everything else going on in my life….Loss of job and loss of wife-all in 3 months.
neither could have been foreseen…but they had something in common with the quake…

hurricanes you can fore see,,,,yes they are devastating
Tornado’s yes you typically have a close in heads up that they are coming  also can be devastating
but both you have a chance to “flee”

then there are earthquakes…

Earthquakes are like someone who sits on your shoulder ….You know they are possible (because you live on a fault line – but you can’t foresee when they will tap you on the shoulder and like Jack Nicholson in “the Shining”-slams an ax through your door and shouts……..”Heeeerrre’s Johnny!”

I think It has to do with our innate desire to be in control of our situation…with a hurricane or tornado you can take cover or better yet drive away… with an earthquake you are powerless. you have no control of what is happening…and you dpn’t know if “this is the big one”.

Yes you can dive under the dining room table, or stand in a doorway….
With an earthquake you do whatever you can to make the best of a bad situation.

I have been through Magnitude 4’s 5’s and a one or two Magnitude 6’s in my 40 years in Alaska…you learn to live with them -as those who live in Tornado Alley.

Alaska is home to superlatives…we do things big up here

More coastline than than all of the lower “48 states”
If you cut Alaska in half, Texas would still be ranked third in size (even at high tide)
(we love to share that with Texans)
also home to the lsecond largest quake ever recorded 9.2 March 26, 1964 Good Friday quake…it lasted for over 4 minutes and killed 136 people
Alaska’s quake last Friday lasted on 36 seconds and was by comparison-much smaller-at only 7.1

Common threads…everyone I talk to seems to say:

  • Quake time  seems to take on a different dimension….time becomes excruciatingly slow…You recall every second and each second seems to last forever.
  • there is a feeling of “helplessness”….loss of control of one’s life
  • If one had claws like a cat you could hold onto the ceiling.  
  • You keep hoping it dies down…NOW!

However I can tell you from where I was at 8:30a.m. in the morning….on the 3rd story of an older townhouse, sitting next to large  8 foot tall view windows….it was fairly terrifying

My experience…

this quake had the ” thunder and lighting” affect.  You see the lightening and then hear the thunder a second or two later

You “heard” the ground rupture first and then the action hit…This one started with a loud “WUMP” the ground literally bucked up lifting the entire building up
and slamming it down….then the lateral violent shaking , it was was loud…very loud.

many I talked to recall feeling the  grinding” of the earth as opposed to other quakes which have had a more “rolling wave motion”… (depending how far away they were)…

Lots of   quakes either start with a low rolling motion and die down…or hit with a boom (akin to a car backing into your house at 20 mph, shake hard and then it die down.

Friday’s quake was relatively shallow. something like 20 miles deepbut the epicenter was only 10 miles north 

instead of subsiding after the initial quake ….this one started to  “muscle up”,  and shit started flying everywhere. art flew off the  wall, the fireplace mantel emptied itself of everything including the ivory tusk and smashed it to three pieces, potted plant went crashing…I ran from my seat next to the windows to the stairwell and held on.  the pantry emptied itself of its contents…mirrors went flying…the refrigerator rolled out about a foot from the wall…..and the noise of the all the wood in the house just straining…

Blood pressure medication   and the sale of lunesta have likely soared  If you were one of those that prepared your house in anticipation…(velcro on all table lamps or anything sitting on a horizontal surface and extra securing of one’s art on the wall, outfitted your pantry with elastic straps to hold the canned goods from flying off the shelves, thumb release latches on your cupboards….and of course straps on your hot water tank….then this was your moment to “spike the ball in the end zone…” it was your moment to tell others….”told ya so”…

I was not as prepared as I should have been…I lost my flat screen TV, carved walrus tusks and wall art as well as a few lamps…plus I now have a dozen 4 foot to 10 foot cracks in the plaster walls designed by mother nature…most of which can be replastered/painted.

It has been the aftershocks that continue to be quite unnerving…
since the quake there have been 1800 aftershocks (go to  see chart….)
most below Magnitude 3,  not noticeable from Anchorage but approximtely 10% have been magnitude 3+5….which seem to have most residents saying to themselves….”oh for chrissakes, come on already!”…almost ridiculous….

Trying to sleep that night was exhausting…many pets bolted or hid…Vegas our husky was buried in my armpit on the bed

If anything I learned significant it is that when an earthquake strikes 
we are insignificant earthquakes are mother natures way of saying …

you mean nothing to me….

By the way, John’s astro chart shows transit Uranus crossing back and forth over the Descendant of his chart, disrupting the house of marriage. Plus, if there is any planet that symbolizes earthquakes, it would be unpredictable Uranus. For John, the earthquake itself felt like an extension of the personal earthquakes he has undergone in the past three months: loss of both job and his lifelong wife and partner.

Then, of course, we can get scared if we live in California — not only quake zone all the way up and down the west coast of America, but those damn fires! And droughts! And possible erupting volcanoes!

Oh wait! How about those maps that show both east and west coastlines, including coastal cities, of both America, and heck, the whole globe, basically inundating with sea water as ice continues to melt via global warming?

80 Meter Sea Rise: Maps for North America

Oh wait a minute. What if we’re looking at global cooling, not global warming?

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Interview with Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Pierre Lescaudron

Charles Eisenstein addresses this issue — both warming and cooling and the dissonant voices arguing both of them —

Why I’m afraid of global cooling

— in larger context, recognizing Earth herself as a living system! Duh!

Eisenstein concludes:

Will the planet warm or cool? I have no idea. Over my years of book research, I became less confident, not more, of the inevitability of greenhouse-gas-induced warming. Slowly, cracks are spreading in the dominant narrative. We could very well see cooling, or warming, or even both – worsening gyrations like a top spinning out, like an animal with organ failure that can no longer regulate its body temperature. Wild fluctuations in temperature and precipitation are inevitable as the living systems that maintain homeostasis lose their vitality.

Regardless of whether the planet warms or cools, the things we need to do to maintain ecological health are the same. The key words are conservation, protection, regeneration, and repair. Conserving forests, stopping pipelines, repairing ecosystems, regenerating agricultural soils, and so on will, as a side effect, reduce greenhouse emissions and increase biotic carbon uptake. But they do not rely on that result for their motivation. The motivation is to serve the flourishing of life – biological and human. This commitment should not depend on the trend in global temperature.

On and on. My brother John’s conclusion is an interesting one. He feels the earth doesn’t care about us. That we mean nothing to her. I feel that what is needed is for us humans to remember Her, to re-member our connection with Her, to put ourselves back together with Her, to more fully care for Her.

What would happen if we did? How would everything change?

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2 Responses to EEEK! SCARY! Earthquakes, fires, record storms, global warming, cooling, what else?

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m sorry that your brother John has had such a rough time lately, with losing his wife (separation, or death?) and now the earthquake. I hope for his sake that everything quiets down in that area. Losing the TV and having everything thrown about and the house damaged, and also pets scared…that’s something I thought would happen here in California before it ever happened there again. I wish him well.

    Thanks for posting the information about him, and the stuff on the magnetic field reversal and global “climate change”. No matter whether we are going to experience global warming or cooling, there are most likely major changes coming to the Earth due to solar and universal cycles (as well as our current location in the galaxy), and the more people who become aware of them, the better.

    Personally of course I believe we are heading into a cooling phase; and of the two, I believe cooling is by far the most important to plan ahead for. Warming would mean a rise in sea levels, and a need for people living at low elevations to move – but cool temperatures would mean planning ahead for growing food, and staying warm. Many more people would be affected in that scenario.

    Here is a link to a video that I found describes pretty well what is going on here on Earth at this time, and what to be aware of as we go forward:

    I know that I tend to be somewhat pessimistic in the things that I share with people, but I do so because I believe it is imperative that people become aware of ALL potential possibilities, good or bad, so that they can mentally prepare for any eventuality.

    I continue to pray for your brother and everyone else there, and in the world, who have suffered losses recently as a result of “Earth changes.” Because no matter who, how, or what is causing them, they ARE happening. And I pray that they happen in such a way that humanity prospers, and finally shakes off the yoke of oppression that has held us back for so many millennia.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Oops! Separation from wife, not death of wife. He used the word “loss,” and I did wonder whether I should spell out what that meant. Thanks for drawing attention to it!

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