Ed Komarek: Exopolitics, ET races, Star Trek, and the New World (Dis)Order

This is a wonderful interview. I like the way author Ed Komarek is able to clearly articulate and connect the intricacies of secret history since World War II: different ET races and agendas; new (mostly back engineered) secret technologies; the wrong-headed decision to turn away from a Star Wars future into the fascist, nightmare we’re presently learning to see through; and the cabal’s ruling order that still pulls the strings of so-called “democratic” and other governments.

Here’s a thinker who has been steeped in this business of trying to understand the interface between earth and earthlings with the cosmos and our cosmic visitors for 40 years, and has developed his own language and way of comprehending this fiendishly complex field that is full of disinfo, ridicule, wild claims, and technical jargon. And yet, what strikes me especially is the extent to which his views resonate with those of others in the exopolitics field whom he does not name in this interview: Alfred Weber (who invented the term) of exopolitics.com and Michael Salla of exopolitics.org.

I also very much appreciate that Komarek, who has been steeped in ecological thinking since childhood, recognizes exopolitics as cosmic ecology.

UFOs, Exopolitics, and the New World Disorder — Interview with Author Ed Komarek

August 11, 2012

MessageToEagle.com – Ed Komarek, exopolitics and UFO expert has published a very interesting book, a real eye opener that can be just as fascinating as shocking to some!

We interviewed Ed to learn more about his book and extensive research.

MessageToEagle.com: Hello, Ed, first of all thank you for talking to us. You have just published a very interesting book entitled UFO’s Exopolitics and the New World Disorder.

I’m sitting with a copy and what you are writing is fascinating to say the least!

Before we start discussing some of the subjects you boldly raise in your book perhaps you could tell our readers a little about yourself and your background.

Ed Komarek: I was born and raised in the Deep South in plantation country near Thomasville Georgia. Thomasville Georgia was where the railroad stopped in the 1800s. Rich northerners began coming south on the railroad to get away from the cold up north and to hunt.

Soon they began buying up distressed properties in the Thomasville Georgia area. Prices were cheap because the south was thrown into a depression after the Civil War. The most popular game for these rich industrialists ended up being the Bobwhite quail, whose habitat was dependent on light annual fires that did not harm the trees, but created groundcover that fed and protected the quail from predators.

In the 1920’s my father ended up settling in the area along Meridian Road to work for Herb Stoddard one of the founders of the emerging field of ecology, who was fighting the U.S. Forest Service’s misguided fire suppression policies that were destroying quail habitat in the quail plantations.

So I grew up surrounded and mentored by early ecologists trying to understand the interrelationships between plants and animals in ecosystems.

In a strange twist of fate or by design, I was well prepared to understand interrelationships between extraterrestrial races and ourselves as well as the suppression of the truth by powerful special economic and financial interests.

I became one of the founders of the newly emerging field of exopolitics, emerging out of the broader UFO/ET field. This happened in a similar fashion as with Herb, a field collector in the natural sciences who became a father of ecology, and my Dad another naturalist field collector, ended up becoming the first real fire ecologist.

MessageToEagle.com: Your book is undoubtedly a result of many years of work. How long have you been researching the extraterrestrial phenomena and what how do you define exopolitics and what is its purpose?

Ed Komarek: First let me say that UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder is available in print and on Kindle at Amazon.

The price is 16 dollars a really good deal for a 372 page book full of so much case material. The last I looked Amazon was discounting the book to 11.50 a real steal at that price. The Kindle is priced at a cheap 5 dollars.

My intent is not to make money on the book and to put what money I make right back into publicity for the book.

I want to make a difference and people need this information.I don’t work for myself anymore, but for humanity at this stage of my life.

I have been in the UFO/ET field for over 40 years. I was first exposed to UFO material in 1967 when I moved to Fairbanks Alaska to go to college and ended up stumbling into a little new age bookstore along a side street in downtown Fairbanks. After that my life would never be the same.

I studied all kinds of paranormal phenomena because I realized that these anomalies were windows and doorways into a greater reality. I ended up concentrating on extraterrestrial contact because there was physical evidence from crashes showing that this was something material and not imaginary.

In the 1980’s my thinking had developed to the point where I realized that there were many different types of ETs coming to earth with a wide variety of motives, agendas and ethical development. It was an easy jump in consciousness for me to understand that these beings were in relationship with each other and with humanity, because of my ecological background. When the word exopolitics emerged at the beginning of this century, I joined up with several other individuals to found this new field of exopolitics.

Exopolitics in its simplest terms is just the politics of the universe, or the ecology of the universe. The purpose of exopolitics is to understand our relationship to other ET races, how they interact among themselves, and to understand the implications of extraterrestrial contact on earth human society.

MessageToEagle.com: Most of us are familiar with the term New World Order, but you have deliberately chosen to call it “Disorder”? Why?

Ed Komarek: I used the term New World Disorder in the title because I wanted to point out that the so called, Orwellian “New World Order” being touted by the global elite, the Bilderberg Mafia, is nothing but the old world feudalistic order repackaged in modern attire.

Feudalism, autocratic rule, maintains a constant state of disorder and instability, causing the rise and fall of societies and civilizations.

I point out in the book that there is a better social structure evolving that is much more stable, fair and equalitarian, patterned after the way our bodies are organized.

MessageToEagle.com: In one of our conversations you said it is essential that we look beyond the famous Roswell crash. Can you elaborate on what you meant?

Ed Komarek: I have a very large amount of credible extraterrestrial contact source material in the book that is organized in a way so as to get people to begin to think and ask questions on a much more advanced level.

It is essential to our survival as a species to understand the implications and issues regarding ET contact. But in order to do this, people have to get beyond thinking did a UFO crash at Roswell, or what was that light in the sky, or was there official extraterrestrial contact in the Eisenhower administration starting in 1954.

In this book in particular and with exopolitics in general, I am trying to advance the conversation forward.

If there were recoveries of ET craft in the 1940s with major corporations involved in reverse engineering, and even technological transfer programs and agreements with extraterrestrials after 1954, what does that mean for society?The answer or argument I am making, is that these global industrialists, bankers and European royalty came together to form the Bilderberg Group also in 1954.

They did this partly in order to suppress knowledge of extraterrestrial contact to the general public, while at the same time under the guise of National Security exploit their special access to ET technologies for their own selfish benefit.

The upshot has been that in suppressing ET contact they have suppressed human evolution and the positive vision of the future as outlined in the series Star Trek.
I point out in the book that if this had not happened and evolution allowed to proceed unhindered, the vision of Star Trek would be a present reality and the earth itself protected.

MessageToEagle.com: Many who doubt our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials believe an advanced alien race that is capable of interstellar flight has no interest in Earth. Yet, you and many of the whistle-blowers you mention in your book are convinced we have been visited for a long period of time. Who are these extraterrestrials, what races and why are they here in your opinion?

Ed Komarek: That’s a lot of ground to cover and one reason I wrote the book.

I have presented case after case of credible extraterrestrial contact and whistle-blower testimony in the book to make the point that we have been visited and influenced for a long time, and are in fact, part of a larger extraterrestrial neighbourhood.

In the first chapter of my book called Evolution On Other Worlds, I give a sampling of cases that show that natural evolution uses certain survival strategies, not just here on earth, but on other worlds as well.

The cases I present show that other top predators like ourselves are evolving on other worlds and moving into space. Some are human like us and I call these the extraterrestrial human collective, to which I devote a complete chapter.

In another chapter I concentrate on what I call the Grey extraterrestrial collective, some of which seem to be abducting humans and experimenting on them with no concern for abductee rights and liberties.

There are also insect, reptilian and amphibian type extraterrestrials being reported.

In yet another chapter I concentrate on cases of extraterrestrial warfare and conflict between different ET races and civilizations. Of course there is so much disinformation and misinformation that trashes up the understanding of what is going on, but I try to cut through all that and rely on time tested credible cases not imaginary BS being circulated as fact.

MessageToEagle.com: In your book, you have a chapter called Alien Resource Cartel. Can you briefly summarize your thoughts and explain what it is?

Ed Komarek: The alien resource cartel corporations like General Electric were involved in exotic propulsion research and development when they assimilated what the Germans had already accomplished after the war ended.

These corporations were also working on material gained from crashes in the US and around the world before 1954.

It seems to me that about 1954, the Cartel really became well organized when the Eisenhower administration and its Generals first officially met with benevolent human ETs, but would not concede to their conditions of contact. Those conditions included the stopping of atomic testing and the getting rid of such weapons of mass destruction that threatened to destroy humanity on earth. Instead it was decided to get involved with less ethical ETs, the Greys, that did not have such conditions, and so the more advanced ETs backed off and let our leaders exercise their right to choose for better or worse.

This was a very bad mistake in my opinion for our leaders chose the path of darkness out of fear, setting us down a dangerous and painful path.

The Bilderberg group was formed in 1954 and pretty much took over control of the official contact experience at the great expense of the general public.

People interested in the cases backing up this can search Eisenhower UFO Extraterrestrial, for witness testimony to these official contacts. I also have plenty of material in my book and on my Exopolitics blog: exopolitics.blogspot.com/

I have a couple of chapters of case material on military and corporate interactions with ETs. I call the group of corporations controlling access to extraterrestrial technologies the Alien Resource Cartel.

They developed a monopoly on the technology right from the beginning and don’t want disclosure because they would lose that monopoly. They are closely integrated with the military and this is what Eisenhower warned about too late, The Military Industrial Complex.

MessageToEagle.com: You also mention that our government is in possession of secret extraterrestrial technology. How has this technology been obtained and in which areas has it been used?

Ed Komarek: Col Corso explained this all very well in his book called the Day After Roswell. The material came from crashes and technological transfer programs (TTPs) after official contact. Charles Hall in his books on the Tall White extraterrestrials also has good material on how TW technologies were assimilated by the Air Force into advanced shuttle craft capable of traveling around the solar system, but not deep space.

The TW did not want to share deep space technology. Charles examined the inside of one of these craft the TW were using and saw that the parts had stamps of major aerospace corporations on them.

According to whistle-blowers like Corso much of today’s technology did not come from American ingenuity, but from copying extraterrestrial technologies. In order to do this patents had to be falsified another indication of the tremendous fraud involved in the suppression on extraterrestrial knowledge to the public. Trillions of dollars have been made by Cartel corporations with special access to ET technologies. Just one good reason for Cartel corporations to support a cover-up in order to inhibit competition.

MessageToEagle.com: What is the reason, in your opinion that the government refuses to come clean about the Extraterrestrial reality on our planet Earth?

Ed Komarek: There are two major reasons and many minor ones as to why there is a worldwide global UFO/ET cover-up. In order to answer this question it is important to point out that governments are not run by ordinary people, but people of power and privilege.

Democracy exists more or less as a sham, to fool the public into thinking that they are really in control of governments, when they are not. Western governments are run by Oligarchs, powerful banking and industrial families like the Rothschild’s and the Rockefellers, as well as a still covertly powerful European Royalty.

The Bilderberg group now being exposed to the light of day, has a powerful dangerous fascist core, and it is this core that seems to be responsible for control of Western governments, and subsequently the UFO/ET cover-up as well.This Group has strong special interests in all of societies’ institutions.

If one really thinks about it, the new exotic technologies in energy, transportation, and medicine, if released to the public would revolutionize all the institutions on this planet, making most obsolete overnight, just like what happened to the gas light corporations when the electric light bulb was invented.

Gas light stock prices went from 100 dollars a share to 1 dollar a share almost overnight, just with the invention of the light bulb.

The fossil fuels industry would disappear in the face of cheap exotic energy technologies. The transportation infrastructure, roads bridges etc. would disappear with a cheap electrogravitic air car. The pharmaceutical industry would disintegrate, if cheap exotic cures for cancer etc. were released.

The second major reason for the cover-up and suppression of extraterrestrial knowledge was pointed out very well in a little Internet book I just read. The ET said that their acclimation program was gradual because they wanted to prevent a global civil war that would erupt if people became aware of their advanced societies quickly.

Once the common person saw how well off and how well run these enlightened societies were, most people would become even more disillusioned with their current leaders and try to replace them. As we can see in countries like Syria, the privileged class is in a fight to the death in order to stay in power.

Just imagine what would happen all over the earth if people suddenly knew there was a better way of living right before their eyes!

The advanced ETs want to prevent such a catastrophe, because they would be forced to intervene, and they don’t want to do that out of respect for individual and collective sovereignty.

MessageToEagle.com: Have you ever had any personal extraterrestrial encounters?

Ed Komarek: I have never had an extraterrestrial encounter. I saw my first extraterrestrial spacecraft north of Cairo Georgia, when I stumbled into a case of ET contact, while researching sightings in my area. I had built up my own intelligence network where people were reporting to me at least twice a week, sightings within a 50 mile radius of Cairo. During these investigations I ended up at the right place at the right time to see the craft.

MessageToEagle.com: What do you think about the future? When can we expect disclosure and first official open public contact with extraterrestrials?

Ed Komarek: I think disclosure is happening and people are being conditioned for contact sometime in the future through government perception management in the mainstream media and through the Internet. The problem is disclosure on whose terms? Right now disclosure is being managed in the interest of the Bilderberg group with a possible false flag alien invasion along the lines of 9/11 to scare people into giving up even more of their liberties and freedoms.

In fact we see this scenario developing as predicted by Werner von Braun with a constant barrage of science fiction where ET shoots up our cities.

The secret space fleet is so advanced that it could easily attack a city, and the authorities can pull out a few alien bodies and blame the false flag attack on ET.

The very people laughing and ridiculing cases of contact, will be the first to scream for protection and be willing to give up their rights and liberties for even more control over their lives! In my opinion the invasion is from within as the Greys are infiltrating into and cooperating with the Elite, possibly guiding the Globalists into creating an Orwellian autocratic regime for them with little effort on the Grey’s part. David Jacobs has been pointing this out in his books for years.

On the other hand if we can become aware enough and remove the obstacle of Bilderberg and the Greys, it’s very possible we can have a bright future emulating the more advanced ethical human extraterrestrial races that are trying to help us, but are hindered from doing so because of issues involving our free will.

We are being offered a choice and the choice is ours. Do we take the path to enlightment and love, or to fall back into darkness and fear.

MessageToEagle.com: Are you planning on writing more books in the near future?

Ed Komarek: I had hoped this would be my only book, but I now see that I have to write a second book that I will call The Long Hard Road To Enlightment. The first book attempts to find our position, and the second book to plot the course to a bright future for ourselves and our civilization.

UFO’s Exopolitics and the New World Disorder By Ed Komarek

The thesis, of this book, is that if our leaders had not failed us in the 1940s and 1950s, the positive vision of Star Trek could now have become our present day reality.The author shows through case after case of credible whistleblower and extraterrestrial contact testimony, that had our leaders embarked on a policy of openness and transparency, rather than secrecy and cover-up, human evolution, would have moved forward instead of backward and the earth’s environment protected. The author shows that about the time the Bilderberg group was founded in 1954, the European and American oligarchy chose to play to humanity’s dark side, deciding to selfishly and savagely protect its established interests and institutions, and its covert control over the masses, when confronted with alien contact.

The oligarchy chose to subvert democratic principles and the rule of law, in order to secretly monopolize extraterrestrial technologies, for immense profit, making this along with fiat money, a foundation stone of its covert global power. Under the guise of National Security, leaders and ordinary citizens that opposed the UFO/ET cover-up were discredited, harassed and in some cases murdered, under a covert policy of denial and ridicule.

Fantastic and shocking as it would seem to some, rather than lead mankind to an enlightened future offered to us by ethical extraterrestrial races and civilizations, our autocratic leaders agreed to secret Faustian treaties and technological transfer agreements with less ethical extraterrestrial races, thereby creating the greatest national security threat of all time.

We can only imagine our future, if overt space travel had become commonplace, with ethical ET cultural and technological exchanges bringing in a new age of enlightment, along with exotic cheap non-polluting energy and transportation, from reverse engineered alien technologies.

UFO’s Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, is not just another UFO book. As soon as you start reading it, you notice the book is written by a man who is deeply dedicated to his subject. A man whose goal is not to make money, but to learn and expose the truth.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are new to Exopolitics and Ufology, or if you are very familiar with the subjects already, this book will give you new knowledge and orientation about extraterrestrial life.

Highly recommended!

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