Eckhart Tolle, on Our Essential Nature

To which, I would only add, this “life” that runs through all forms, is also the essential intelligence. Everything, every form, is, has, is fueled by, this self-same awareness or intelligence — the expression of which depends on the shape and sensory apparatus of that particular form. I finally recognized this when I realized that my little dog, whom I had been feeling sorry for because he has no opposable thumbs with which to fashion and or handle “stuff,” might just feel sorry for me because I don’t have his extraordinarily sensitive nose for keeping track of just who goes where when.

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  1. ohnwentsya says:

    I love your introduction to this. I’m so used to people not getting it that I had kinda given up on ever discussing what you mention in public-until I just opened the email with this post in it:-)

    The absolutely wonderful thing that might not be apparent to most is that because we are all made of the same basic stuff which is inherently always connected despite each organisms apparent “separate” form, we can ( and many do and have) communicate across the sensory base gap. And even learn from and experience aspects of one another’s worlds.

    I know most animists do get this but for most of my life we haven’t exactly been thick on the ground:-)

    Thank you for brightening my day with your words!

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