Early April 2021: On Masks, Murder?, My Liver, Open Sesame?, and GAPV Group Photo

One of the few old friends with whom I see eye to eye re: the scamdemic sent me a great “Nurse’s Rant” yesterday. I couldn’t help cheering her on, especially after my walk with puppy Shadow the other morning: on friendly approach to another dog with her masked owner, the woman backed off, saying, “the dogs need to stay six feet apart.”

Oh. OK.

Maybe I should have told her about the Tanzania president who had a paw paw tested for “covid-19” and it came up positive? That outlier is now dead, supposedly of “natural causes.”

Tanzanian president dead after publicly exposing bogus COVID-19 tests.

Nurse Nicky — what does the mask protect you from?

On this morning’s walk, the usual mixture of masks and no masks on fellow walkers and bikers. Did see a few masked Karens driving windows closed cars, however.

While the Indiana governor is relaxing restrictions statewide, here in Bloomington, as of yesterday, top headline in local paper: “County Covid Restrictions to Stay.” Not surprised. And, I admit, My mood over this entire drama is morphing from sad to enraged. I guess my liver is heating up.

Time to dig up a few dandelions and boil their roots for my annual springtime liver tonic!

BTW: This, from Judy Byington, goes along with what I posted yesterday. True?

Trafficked Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal

Closer to home, today we held our final work party in Green Acres Permaculture Village with Charisse (Rebecca) present. She moves with all her stuff on Monday, after ten years as our Farm Manager, to live with her cousin on the coast of Washington. Our farewell dinner party and bonfire for her will be this evening, out at Annie’s place in Brown County, along with many of Rebecca’s Brown County and other friends. At Ethyl’s request, we all grabbed a tool for a group photo.

Left to right: Marita, Annie, Nick (Marita son), Andreas, John (former resident, visiting from NYC, Charisse (unfortunately with her hand covering her eyes), me, Gabrielle, Dan and Ethyl in front.




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  1. Anthony says:

    Hi. Thanks for the post. You are missing an “a” in your URL linking to GAP. Thought you should know 🙂 God Bless.

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