Dutch Sinse turns down “bizarre” offer from “illuminati”: “When they offer you the money, DO NOT TAKE IT.”

P.S. I have learned to trust Dutch Sinse, though his interpretation of what is going on may not be entirely accurate.

What IS real during these days of awe and wonder?

BUT: See screen shot of American Kabuki’s rebuttal below. I tend to want to trust American Kabuki as well, but never did buy into the idea of “prosperity funds” distributed to everyone, from whatever source. Nesara is another one.

Dutchsinse Offered Illuminati Membership? “They Offered Me The World”

October 13, 2013 6:01

(Before It’s News)

Have successful YouTube videographers such as DutchSinse recently been offered roles within the ‘illuminati’? According to Dutch in this video, “they offered me the world”. Who are ‘they’? This story is bizarre and more can be read at Dutch’s blog here. A copy of an ‘oath’ Dutch was asked to sign is below video. First, words of advise directly from Dutch.:

All I can tell you, is that when they offer you the money, DO NOT TAKE IT.

Thats my only word of advice, the rest is up to you all to decide how to handle.

Here is a copy of the oath that was asked to be signed , a copy of passport and thumbprint also required when sending in for approval (to obtain diplomatic status) :

download the .pdf here:


Screen shot of American Kabuki’s site, this morning:

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.16.00 AM

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  1. ksense says:

    It doesn’t have to be an “either/or” situation. Someone presenting themselves as representatives of OPPT probably did make that offer to Dutch but facts are facts. How anyone with a computer has not been able to follow what OPPT was and why it is no longer an entity is beyond comprehension in itself. From the first day, all information came from one source. It was open and transparent for all to see. If anyone missed it, your bad.

    Even Dutch, AK, Jean Haines, Mr. Keenan, Fulford and the like were able to find the same information on OPPT as I and many others did. Where y’all can come up with idiotic stories about “the OPPT is on the run in the desert” or “OPPT offered me the world” is very curious. Anyone with just a bit of kommon sense can easily discern who has what agenda. Come on, let’s start using our brains.

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