Dutch Sinse on Suspicious Observers: “They have ruined my life. All is lost for me. All my work gone due to this man’s false accusations.”

Re: The seemingly similar three to four minute terrestrial and solar system video news channels Dutch Sinse and Suspicious Observers, I haven’t posted either one for awhile, but this post from Dutch caught my attention:

Suspicious Observers/Ben Davidson leads a mob to destroy other channels

Pay attention especially to Dutch Sinse claim that HAARP was not shut down in May, despite Suspicious Observers’ claim that it was. Also, as usual, follow the money, which Dutch does.

As usual, discernment is key. My question: isn’t the world big enough for everybody? Why this scarcity consciousness?

Back when I was publishing a magazine called “Crone Chronicles” (1989-2000), big chain stores had trouble knowing where to put it on the shelf. Why? Because there wasn’t another similar magazine, no established “niche.” Had there been one, Crone Chronicles would have gained more legitimacy. Conclusion: two is better than one. But then oh you creators, realize this: the first one (in this case, Dutch) is bound to get the flak from the second one. Not only is it harder to be the one to create something out of nothing than to follow, and imitate, but imitators tend to grow jealous. And yet, imitation is the finest form of flattery.

Karl Marx is reputed to have said, “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Maybe we need one more Dutch Since imitator, so we can all — including Dutch — laugh our heads off.

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8 Responses to Dutch Sinse on Suspicious Observers: “They have ruined my life. All is lost for me. All my work gone due to this man’s false accusations.”

  1. There’s room for both Dutch. Just keep restarting. All is not lost. Somehow you are communicating with us right now. I bet you could find surrogates across the world who would post your materials gladly. Just ask for volunteers.

  2. Here’s another way to help Dutch Sinse. Someone look this over and add to the idea. We can get Dutch back on line if we work together somehow. http://tinyurl.com/kmnk9yh

  3. As above so below: NASA | Sun’s Magnetic Field About to Flip.

    Seems Dutch Since and Suspicious Observer mirror the close of this world age cycle, when human beings naturally pass through a period of ‘purification’ that pushes incoherence [mis-use of freewill, unresolved issues] to the surface, for individuals to ‘willingly’ transform into heart intelligent choices, replace harm with best possible solutions, and allow coherence to prevail.

  4. rose day says:

    Ann, I have have been following Dutch for quite some time…Ben a bit less. In a perfect world
    these two bright young men would be working together to further better understanding of issues
    like haarp, chemtrails, cosmic weather…etc….

    Dissonance wins this round yet truth will ultimately prevail.

  5. Ann is right. Both these young men have useful core competencies and contribute useful perspectives. There are solutions for them both to coexist, even if we have to help Dutch find a way to start over by posting for him.

  6. mrtwist says:

    Go back and look at who “fired the first shot” or…. who first attacked who? This will tell you much.

  7. me109C says:

    Look what Eisenstein did to Rutherford just to stay on top… True Science will prevail eventually.

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