Dutch Sinse: comet catastrophe "just isn't gonna happen"

”]Dutch Sinsespeaks his truth regarding Elenin, Niburu, and god knows what other space stuff that’s supposedly heading our way. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I agree with him, since I’ve remained mute on the subject.

My own personal take on this kind of “conspiracy,” is that the current rage to look for evil and destruction from the skies — including alien invasion movies — is in part deliberate disinfo designed to instill fear in the public, and in part the collective unconscious throwing up “the rest of the story,” by which I refer to humanity’s growing awareness of the larger cosmic soup within which our little planet Earth is held suspended, spinning, and attuned to high frequency harmonics. And, as usual, we myopic humans prefer the known to the unknown, and in fact are desperate to keep our heads down to the ground moving stuff around, rather than actually looking up in wonder and awe at the mysterious, endless sky and reflecting on how that perspective, when integrated, changes everything.

It’s interesting that the first photo of the Earth that entered the public arena appeared on the first Whole Earth catalog cover in 1968; rumored to be held by NASA for years, it was teased out of obscurity by publisher Stewart Brand, who realized what its effect would be on consciousness.

As an astrologer, I find it interesting that this astonishing photo was absorbed by the collective during the years when revolutionary Uranus was conjunct powerful Pluto (1964-1968), years when they initiated a brand-new cycle of powerful revolutionary energy. Indeed, the Uranus/Pluto conjunction was the astrological signature of this now romanticized period that propelled the newly named “hippies” to grow their hair and revolutionize racial and gender imbalances while, meanwhile, the ever expanding military/industrial complex triggered further global imbalances through its long, messy, and ultimately futile bloody power struggle in Vietnam.

Now, over 40 years later, revolutionary Uranus which has a cycle of 84 years, has moved ahead of slower-moving Pluto and its cycle of 248 years to the point where Uranus is tensing into its 90° “opening square” with Pluto (2011-2015). Thus we have the signature to which I frequerntly refer in this blog: “Uranus square Pluto.” In the language of gardening, we can say that the seeds of revolutionary energy sown back in the late ’60s have rooted in and are now beginning to sprout above ground. Once again, revolution is in the air. Once again, power imbalances are being addressed. Those of us who sparked the energy earlier are older and wiser now, and joined by younger generations. The still ongoing tarsandsaction protest is a wonderful example of the now-disciplined use of the Uranus/Pluto revolutionary energy.

Uranus conjuncted Pluto and we saw the whole earth, for the first time, from space. Uranus squares Pluto and once again, we become aware of the cosmic soup in which Earth floats. And what happens? If we became aware of the fragility and vulnerability of Earth through those whole earth photos of long ago, we now recognize on a much more visceral level how our continuing environmental devastation has poisoned our small planet, and yet our first impulse is to react in fear to the thought that whatever’s out there is coming to get us! Like little kids, we are afraid of the dark. Afraid of what lies under our feet and above our heads and out there in every direction, endless and forever.

Dutch Sinse is a 3D kind of guy. He likes facts and proof. Well, that works, as long as one remains in this material dimension bounded by the world view of science. While I agree with his view that Elenin and Niburu and aliens and anybody else out there is probably not coming to get us — and if they are what could we do about it? — my own consciousness tends to see through the boundaries of science into other dimensions, to not just focus on the lines, but on the spaces between and within them.

Anyway, here goes Dutch Sinse, 8/29/11, on what he’s learned after eight months: “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.” (Can’t get the video to load here. And when you click on his site, he gives a youtube link that goes to the wrong video. Just look on the right side of that youtube page and you’ll see it.) BTW, besides debunking conspiracies of a certain kind, he clarifies for us both what he actually does and what it supposedly proves.



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