“During this liminal time when we tremble with desire, living between worlds . . .” NEXT? NOW WHAT?

More and more, during this liminal time when we tremble with desire, living between worlds, I find myself acting as what I’ll call here a “life-dream” coach. Since I followed my own path very early on, going out on a limb, experimenting, not knowing what’s next, daring to dream — all this comes naturally to me. I know, from experience, that the universe is benevolent.

Now others are catching up. Now I can have friends and not feel so “weird.”

Let’s face it. This changing of the way most of us live, from “looking for a job,” any job, no matter how soul-killing, just to “keep a roof overhead and food on the table” to — what? what? Let’s face it, the old way no longer works. There aren’t enough “jobs,” or there aren’t enough jobs “in your field,” or whatever. The old structure of the matrix, in which jobs were plentiful and life was a series of stepping stones into more and more material wealth — or not, is disintegrating. More important, our souls are starting to roar, to declare with Howard Beale “that we’re not gonna take it anymore,” that we must, simply must, begin to follow our natures, to express what is most authentic within our deepest selves, to connect with the world there, to offer our authentic selves in service to the one being that lives and moves and breathes through us all.

That’s where I come in. Or where I’ve come in for two of my friends recently, and to both of them, I say, “Ask yourself what would you be doing with ‘your one wild and precious life’ if there were no obstacles? And then, when you have plumbed your own depths, when you have reached that shining self that resides, even now, after all these years, no matter how you have tried to keep this beautiful self down, glowing, in the dark — then ask yourself, “How do I create a life that allows this vision of my shining self to be realized in the world?”

Usually this second part, this part where you begin to take action, to get creative, to actually create your own “job” — only this one won’t feel like a job it will feel like play — will at first involve some serious down-sizing of the “life-style” that we’ve been conditioned to believe is absolutely necessary — for what? To “keep up with the Joneses?” How yesterday is that? To believe in your self, your own worth? Well, you know that’s not true. You know that your own intrinsic value has absolutely nothing to do with the trinkets you’ve set up around you and everything to do with what lies inside, stirring to life like a once dormant volcano, ready, eager to go off. To just explode into beauty. To let out all the stops.

Here’s a little video that sorta kinda says the same thing. I like the distinction he makes between the panic zone and the magic zone. YES! And his recognition of the comfort zone as what you are familiar with, not necessarily what you like. And, as I always used to tell astrological clients, “for the subconscious mind, a known bad is better than an unknown good.” Luckily, we are more than our subconscious minds. Way more. We are soul and spirit. We soar.

Thanks to philosophers-stone.co.uk for the pointer to this video.

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  1. Awesome video and message. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Au Matu says:

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    Very VERY Timely !!! A Perspective that I can Respect…

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