Dramatic Wendy Davis filibuster: Don’t Mess with Texas Women!

I tuned in late to this drama, but wow! Prepared to stand without leaning for 13 hours, if necessary, with no breaks, not even to go to the bathroom, Wendy Davis gave her all, and in response, her supporters surged the Capitol and rode the wave to collective victory, preventing a draconian anti-abortion bill from passing before the 12 midnight deadline. Final clock count: 12:03 A.M., three minutes too late to decide by law, that the state controls women’s bodies. If Edward Snowden is a hero, then so is Wendy Davis. We need heroes, not to replace our own heroic action, but to inspire it. Wendy Davis’s own herstory proves: no matter who we are, no matter what our background or issues or troubles, we can synchronize with our original natures and let them roar.

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