Dr. Patrick Moore, Greenpeace Co-founder, on CO2 and “climate change”

Note: See another contrarian CO2 post:

Re: Prophets of Doom: Is there already too much CO2 in the atmosphere or are we once again being played.

On age-old, never-ending apocalyptic thinking: “I don’t buy into any of this because I’m not afraid of my own death.”

Fascinating interview with the man who turned away from the activist movement he helped to found. ” Not much of it is about the environment anymore. I saw Greenpeace, when I left it in the mid-80s,  hijacked by the political left. It’s because we had gained fame and power and some money ability, and they just came in, and they were politically much more astute than we were.” . . .

“Obviously ecology and environmentalism needs to be right down the middle politically. Because we all need the environment. There are good ideas on both sides for solving environmental problems.  On the left, there’s regulations. On the right there’s free markets, to distribute goods and services and policies in the most efficient way.”

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