Dr. Judy Mikovitz: OUR HERO!

By this time everybody I know has watched Plandemic, even though youtube keeps taking it down. This is only Part 1 of a documentary, due out this summer, the part that focuses on Dr. Judy Mikovitz and her extraordinary mistreatment at the hands of Fauci and gang, and it’s being reposted everywhere!

Dr. Judy is the string that, now being pulled, will eventually bring down (Pluto) the entire corrupt medical;/scientific/academic structure (Saturn), at least as far as the awarding of money (“grants”) and publishing of papers in “peer-reviewed” journals go to only certain agreed-upon narratives which, by the way, according to Dr. Judy, have resulted in literally millions of deaths world wide.

What makes me think that about the (Saturn) structure of the death and dis-ease promoting (Plutonian) medical system is not just the above film (which remember, is only Part I of a coming documentary), but especially the interview Robert David Steele did with her which, as he says, asks new questions and so elicits a different level of information.. Despite the sound quality difficulty (especially at the end), it is well worth watching. This is another youtube video, but still currently up there. Fortunately, it, too, is being reposted elsewhere.

Dr. Judy herself says, somewhere on her twitter feed (can’t relocate it, sorry!), that what she says has now reached the ears of President Trump. Let’s hope he watches everything out on her.

Here’s a truepundit podcast that also interviews her. Lots of details regarding the circumstances surrounding the nightmare of her arrest and imprisonment, despite the lack of any charges. And much more, on how she was then prevented, from even defending herself.

And another one. Lots more. Go to twitter, Judy Mikovitz. She just joined twitter in April, and her info on viruses, vaccines, and the corruptions that surround them has gone VIRAL.

The cat’s out of the. bag. Even if “they” try to “disappear” her, what she has already done for humanity during this short period of time since her release from the 5-year moratorium on speaking her truth, is utterly incalculable.


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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Dr. Judy Mikovitz: OUR HERO! … in service-to-others, serving the light.

    I like what Julia Cannon has posted:

    “You made this deal in your template reality. In this contract, you agreed to the manifestation of this virus around the year 2020. This contract was entered into to accelerate great and necessary change in humanity. This scenario that you agreed to is a mechanism set in place to break down walls and structures.

    “This allows your force of good to be more needed than ever before. Your source of inspiration and vibrations are more powerful than ever under this contract. You have a platform to use these tools to empower others. You have an opportunity unlike ever before to propel healing and positivity with your inner light and messaging.”

    Dr. Fauci and Dr Birx on our US Medical Task Force seem to have agreed to serve in this incarnation, in the negative, apparently totally service-to-self.


    I sense, we workers of the light who are QHHT past-life regression practitioners are being tasked to find ways to go public with this battle between light and dark while not personally judging the workers of the dark (Fauci and Brix). This phraseology I’m using in this paragraph, simply will not connect with the general public. Some of the public will be repelled in abhorrence, others will glaze over in confusion.

    In the US, the general public does not accept reincarnation as the universal operational phenomenon. We are humbly and fearlessly unique in our insights of how the universe works. So we need to speak in more reliable public terms to draw attention to this important moment of battle between light and dark. We are playing for all the marbles in this incisive moment. If you don’t feel ready then it’s not your time. We know in our hearts, hatred is the wrong motivation. If you are carrying it, pause and let it go. Maybe sit this one out.

    I feel it’s needed to apply terms to Doctor Fauci and Doctor Brix, for the roles they obviously agreed to play in this incarnation, that the vast majority of people will relate to: “Negative, evil, dark, service-to-self, greedy, corrupted”. Drs Fauci and Birx souls will be honored by us all when we share in the between life with them. Who wants to play the role of Judas after all?

    Now however, we need to speak street language in the streets, otherwise all we can do in this pitched battle is mollify each other. We are being called to something bigger, and I feel that message is contained in Julie’s message, for those who are willing and can do it without personal hatred in their hearts.

  2. rose day says:

    The Mikovitz video is amazing! YouTube continues a shut-down but the video is presently available on BitChute.

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