Dr. David E. Martin: Backstory to Covid is Life Insurance, profiting from “THE TRADE ON THE FEAR OF DEATH.”

I listened to this entire video with great curiosity, on the edge of my seat. Started taking notes part way through, but forgot to put which minute of the presentation a particular note was taken.

As Alexandra Bruce, of forbiddenknowledge.tv, who took better notes I did, said:

“Watching this video is like having paid $60,000 tuition to attend the highest-level university – a hypothetical university that is actually worth that.”


People are wondering how this man has suddenly appeared “out of nowhere.” Followed by the question: “Is he controlled opposition?”

I think not. Especially when I see that he shared a stage for Q & A with Dr. Judy Mikovitz  in May 2021, the day before he made this 90-minute presentation.

According to Dr. Martin, “Because of Covid, for the first time in my life I’ve had an audience of any size to listen to my Story of Life Insurance.” This story is the result of the seven years he spent investigating every patent, every funding source. For details: please  read through the pdf I put up in a reply to a comment from yesterday’s post on him.

For this post, I’m looking at two websites that took partial notes on what he said during his presentation he called “The Illusion of Knowledge.” One website gave an actual transcript to one of  the most intriguing parts of it: his claim that we don’t “have” DNA, we have chromosomes: Eugenicists Watson and Crick’s “double-helix” was not a discovery, it was a human invention. “DNA is not a product of nature; it is a model of human manipulation.” “Chromosomes are possibly antennae, not DNA (95% of DNA is junk? Huh?)”

But that website wouldn’t let me repost its URL. Strange:

He describes what Watson and Crick did as “analogous to untying knots of a tapestry,  then describing the pile of strings on the floor, and then — tried to play God with it.”

Here’s that 8-minute clip.


Here’s the full 90 minutes.

Dr David Martin – The Illusion of Knowledge

You might pay particular attention to his account of how Evil shows up in our world.


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3 Responses to Dr. David E. Martin: Backstory to Covid is Life Insurance, profiting from “THE TRADE ON THE FEAR OF DEATH.”

  1. Barbara says:

    I watched the full 90-minute video. Dr. Martin does not go far enough back in history. Life insurance may have been begun by the Rothschilds… think Waterloo, and actually probably even before that by those who would financially benefit from the fear of death. I found it ironic that he would mention putting one’s hand in a vipers’ nest and the solution to the venom was right next to the vipers. And then goes on to chastise Joseph Campbell, whose message was, in my opinion, go into the dark and there you will find your strength and your help, not to mention that Dr. Martin speaks of his ‘calling’, while Campbell spoke of ‘following your bliss.’ The best part was when he asked the audience what they thought was the first of his, Dr. Martin’s, three temptations, and someone answered “Hair’. It’s always good to see a sense of humor! I don’t get that he is paid opposition, but his ego is a bit egotistical! And I do feel that it does not make any difference whether the body elements are called DNA or chromosomes, humanity is indeed being manipulated by a very dangerous vaccine based upon fear of death. And I agree that it’s a repetitive theme over eons of time, but long before American folks entered the scene with life insurance policies. A prophet Dr. Martin calls himself and predicts seven years of lean. I have more faith in humanity this time round. Love, B.

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, he obviously had never met Joseph Campbell, a calm humble soul. I did. In fact I was invited to attend a very small weekend workshop with him, in the countryside near Twin Falls, Idaho, my home town, back in the late ’70s. I was solitary, and devouring astrology at the time: I had just recognized what I thought was the crux of the matter, regarding “time and space,” (a subject which had also fascinated me as a graduate student in philosophy). Anyway, I rode my bike out there both days, and on the second day was honored with a personal conversation with Campbell, wherein I asked him if he knew astrology. He said he was familiar with it. I then asked his opinion of the idea that “the meaning of a planet IS its cycle;” he looked surprised, deeply interested, and responded, “I’ve never heard of that idea. It’s very profound.” This man’s blessing was the one thing I needed to launch the rest of the journey that has been my life!

      Re: ego. I think the more capacity one has to express energy into the world, the stronger must be the ego to contain and channel it. I see ego as a mechanism. As long as we don’t identify with it, it works well and has its place. Dr. Martin, given his humor, is well aware of, and therefore I’d say, NOT identified with his own ego.

  2. rich says:

    This deceptive “gatekeeper” is on point with some things (that’s called “limited hang out”) but repeatedly claims that the Rothschilds and other powerful “ethnic” families are NOTHING and that all the evil is being run by . . wait for it . . insurance companies. It apparently does not occur to this pretentious ass to wonder just who OWNS these insurance companies . . and banks . . and courts . . and education . . and Holllywood . . and Wall Street . . and the press . . etc, etc, etc. He talks like a trained linguistic programming manipulator to his audiences (which are apparently “vetted” ahead of time to weed out anyone with a brain) — I would YELL out like a barbarian (yes, and be ejected, so what) that he was full of shit, and why . . ! Even the fact that he is being widely promoted (a day late and a dollar short) AND not being rejected/deleted by YouTube should tell you all you need to know about this phony pretender. If he can’t pass the “litmus test” re what group has virtually ALL the power and money, and name names . . then I don’t care how many cute bow ties he has in his wardrobe, he is still a clown act, a diversion so we won’t talk about who really NEEDS to be tried, convicted, and hung for worldwide treason and sabotage and mass murder. Over CENTURIES, not just since insurance companies spread across the USA and world.

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