Donald Trump Astrology Update: Transit Mars Rx square Pluto EXACT

I’ve been highly aware of the Venus/Saturn in Cancer conjunction in Donald Trump’s natal chart from the beginning of his Ascendancy to the pinnacle of power in U.S. (and world) politics. In fact, every time it swims into view, I flinch. “Ouch!”

That natal conjunction, which signifies an enormous, sensitive, decidedly protective, and yet karmic and difficult love of family, is being pummeled by (opposed by) the ongoing 2020 stellium (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) in Capricorn. Since late July, his natal Venus/Saturn conjunction opposed to transit Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn, has been fueled even more by the volatile Mars in Aries square to all these planets, creating an extremely touchy, and difficult T-cross in cardinal signs of initiation.

I noted much of this back when I first wrote about upcoming transits to his chart in the following post from 2019. (See his natal chart there.) And I noted that he would extend his natural protective love of family to the family of the U.S. —

— and even I would say now, his Cancerian need to protect the global family. There is no denying this man’s devotion and loyalty to the entire human race. Please take time to review this post.

Donald J. Trump Astrology: Past, Current, and Future CRUCIAL Transits of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

I said there, that the situation would begin to lessen in intensity by October 2020, when Saturn began to move out of orb of Pluto. And that’s true, in that Saturn is now three degrees ahead of Pluto and moving in direct motion, so the intensity of their conjunction, exact in mid-January this year, is actually beginning to wane. However, what I did not pay attention to in that 2019 post, was Mars, its fiery fueling, by square, of the entire stellium!

Now, it just so happens that impulsive, courageous, Mars will EXACTLY square (90°) Pluto (which just turned to go direct on Sunday, October 4, when Trump signalled that his (Plutonian)  life force was returning, and that he would be returning to the White House the next day) tomorrow, October 9, 2020, at 22°30, at exactly 8:00 AM EDT. (Yes, exactly: at 7:59 AM, Mars, traveling RX, will still be at 22°31 Aries.)


Keep in mind that Mars is within orb of squaring the entire stellium during this entire last half of 2020, leading to and through the election. Mars will not begin to shift until mid-November, when it turns to go direct, and not be out of orb of square to the stellium until the end of the first week of January 2021, when we can breathe a sigh of relief as it finally shifts into Taurus, the most earthy sign of stability and steadiness.

Mars square Pluto: what does it mean?

Both Mars and Pluto are said to rule Scorpio, Mars in a superficial sense, compared to Pluto’s chthonic depths.  (Mars also rules Aries, the sign it is now in, and so acting very strongly.) Mars likely signifies enemy action, powerful forces arrayed against the Pluto stellium, requiring a deep, steady, even more powerful Plutonian response in order to overcome adversity. Pluto itself, remember, signifies the LIFE FORCE, birthing and dying, the invisible energy that runs the universe bringing into and letting go of Saturnine forms of all kinds.

With Mars and Pluto at odds with one another (Pluto buttressed by Jupiter and Saturn), powerful political/cultural/spiritual forces are pitted against one another, with the death of one of them and the victory of the other the only possible outcome. At least that’s how it feels. As if there is no tomorrow, nor is there yesterday; there is only this moment, and it’s either live or die.


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