Donald J. Trump: Master Troll? And MORE?

It appears that DJT pulled a fast one on Nancy and Chuckie,  meeting them in the situation room yesterday afternoon, supposedly to announce that he was going to do a military strike on Iran in retaliation for the downed drone. And then, afterwards, “changed his mind.”

Here are his tweets from this morning (read the second one first):


After the meeting, a video appeared that showed Nancy and Chuckie apparently gleeful, as if they “won.” Hmmmm . . .

And of course, the NYT took the bait, along with Nancy and Chuckie.

But that was yesterday, before his tweets noting “not proportionate” appeared this morning.

JoeM weighs in:

Here’s @RodSneaky’s view of Trump the Master Troll:

And here’s an astonishing video that asks if Trump was chosen from birth on to be the point man for the U.S. military in an extremely long range plan to take down the entrenched deep state. Makes a lot of sense. Well worth watching.

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