Donald J. Trump Astrology: Past, Current, and Future CRUCIAL Transits of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

Way back when Trump was first running for president, I had an intuitive hunch that his powerful Venus/Saturn conjunction at 23° and 25° Cancer, signifying his devotion to and protection of his own personal family, would, since it occupies the 11th house (the group, the public) of his chart, expand to include the people of the U.S.A.  Again, I saw him as devoted and protective of the U.S. people as an extension of his own family, and said so, in my early interpretations of how I saw his coming presidency. If you haven’t already, please see at least these two posts, (google “Trump astrology exopermaculture,” for more):

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What I did not pay much attention to, at that time, was how the transit of very slow moving Pluto, planet of primal power, whether for good or ill, given its transit through Cancer’s opposite sign of Capricorn, was, when he was inaugurated in January 2017, at 17° Capricorn, already approaching the opposition to Trump’s Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer.

I have a sense that Melania did notice, however, not astrologically, but intuitively, recognizing that some kind of huge (and it turned out, extremely nasty, hateful) force would hit, and then relentlessly sit, directly upon the Trump family when they moved to Washington D.C. Thus I am  not at all surprised that it took her many months to finally shift her and son Barron’s residence from NYC to the White House.

Nor did I notice, back then, that the transit of Saturn at the time of the Inauguration, was at 23° Sagittarius, sitting directly upon his 21° Sagittarian Moon, and directly opposing his 22° Sun conjunct 18° Uranus in Gemini. I can  imagine Saturn in Sagittarius as having gifted him with him the inner Saturnine fortitude to  project his own vision of the glorious, optimistic (Sagittarian) Make America Great Again future.

Okay, now if you would please keep these former positions of both Pluto and Saturn in mind, as I again discuss Trump’s chart, because it turns out that during these past few months, Saturn, which was then, remember, on Trump’s Moon, has traveled to the next sign, Capricorn, and right now is sitting at 19° Capricorn within only 3° of transit Pluto, now at 22° Capricorn.

And why is this approaching Saturn/Pluto conjunction (it will be exact in January 2020) important? Because this current Saturn/Pluto conjunction is sitting directly across, and opposite to his tender-hearted, but necessarily hard-shelled Venus/Saturn family conjunction at 23°-25° Cancer.

Furthermore, this heavy transit against his family, and against the U.S.A. family, will grow more and more intense as the months wear on, not easing up at all until October 2020, when Saturn finally begins to move out of orb of Pluto.

In this context, I find it fascinating that today, this day, Sunday, June 2, has been designated by some as a day to pray for the Trump family, that they will be kept safe, despite the unrelenting pressures upon them, the continuous spewing of hate and negativity from those who call themselves “progressive.” The “left” (as well as much of the “right”) would like nothing better than to either impeach or assassinate Trump, and, as Megan McCain said recently, if hey do it, “they better hit his jugular.” Such nasty, mean, crude language!

Fortunately, the continuous, once-in-his lifetime Saturn/Pluto pummeling of Trump’s Vanus/Saturn is not all that’s going on in terms of strong current transits.

Back to the month of the Inauguration: Remember Saturn, then in Sagittarius, lending seriousness and weight, a sense of enormous responsibility as it sat directly upon his far-seeing Moon (and opposite his Gemini Sun and Uranus) during that month? Well, amazingly enough, now it’s Jupiter in Sagittarius, made more powerful because traveling through its own sign, which, since February this year, has been approaching, standing motionless, and then backing up over the same Moon/Sun/Uranus combination that Saturn formerly transited. Now, at the beginning of June 2019, Jupiter sits at 20° Sagittarius, and will continue backing up until mid-August, when it turns, on August 11, at 14° Sagittarius, to go forward.

Besides lending an aura of optimism to Trump’s chart, despite the heavy deep state Saturn/Pluto power-mad duo that’s trying to take him and his family down no matter what the cost, we thus have far-seeing, and TRUTH-TELLING Jupiter, working its magic, a few days ago authorizing AG Barr to declassify everything, to make whatever has been hidden from the public come to light; to let the American people know of all the secret complex machinations (Saturn/Pluto) that have been fueling the wheels of political and geopolitical power.

And since Jupiter won’t turn to go direct until mid-August, I wouldn’t be surprised if the great avalanche of Truth won’t get going in earnest until then; that it will take over two more months for AG Barr to get all the bells and whistles in place so that the truth-telling can actually commence as a relentless, onrushing cascade. For once it begins, well, watch out, because it’s bound to be a flood that no one can keep up with, much less make quick sense of. Mid-August through the end of October: these are the months that I predict the greatest and most impactful tsunami of documents will be released.

Also, please remember that Sagittarius, where Jupiter currently sits, and where Trump’s natal Moon sits, is the sign not just of truth-telling, but also of perspective, and of values. All those documents will need to be put into conceptual frameworks that make sense, have meaning. But how shall we decide what is meaningful? Well, that depends on our values. So, what are our personal, social, and national values as we move forward as a nation? Are we going to allow the constant secrecy and corruption of the war-mongering “national security” deep state to continue? Or will we utilize this Jupiterian energy of enthusiasm, of opening to the future of limitless possibility, of valuing TRUTH above all else, to take us where we want to go, and make America, and the rest of the world, following our example, truly Great, for perhaps the very first time.

If so, it will be just in time for what’s next: the very first Return of the planet Pluto to its own natal place at 27° Capricorn of the U.S.A. chart. This powerful transit will occur, after 248 years since this still young nation’s founding, over these next few years. Indeed, this process, the first ever Pluto Return, has already begun, as signified by the gradual, step-by-step dismantling of the hegemonic American Empire, as it’s been fed and sustained by the formerly almighty petrodollar. More on that later.

So yes, do pray. Pray for the proven colossus Trump and his very vulnerable family. Pray for our citizens’ survival as a nation. Pray for our communal world-wide thrival as truly human beings, fresh from the deep state trauma of extreme division and polarization, that we may remember how, over these next years, to unite into one family, one people, one nation, one world, under whatever your version of God.

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