Does Bolton Firing Illustrate Trump’s 4D Chess Game?

Being one who actually tends to trust President Trump to have the best interests of this nation in mind and heart (as compared to his seemingly clueless attitude toward Mother Earth), I’ve always suspected that hires like arch neo-con John Bolton are in place for a specific reason, and it’s not what most people think. Remember, though Trump may encourage people to see him as a fool, he’s actually a master strategist able to play in dimensional fields that most people cannot even imagine. So, it may be with this firing of John Bolton. Here are two posts, the first of which hints at what its author suspects, and the second goes right out and says it, in detail.

Patrick Armstrong: Bye Bye Bolton — But Why?


I can’t help wondering if the late Justin Raimondo was right when he suggested Trump had appointed Bolton as a cunning plot: “Instead of taking on the neocons directly, Trump embraces them – and we can see the knife go in as this whole scenario plays out.” Certainly everything Bolton has had a hand in has been a spectacular flop and Trump is now in a position to tell the war party “see, we tried that, and it didn’t work”.

By Firing Bolton Trump Set A Massive Bear Trap for Leftists, the Media, and North Korea


Trump has fired a national security adviser the media and left always hated. If they attack him on that, he has them.

Trump has adopted a strategy of negotiation over the use of force, which the media and left always prefer. If they attack him on that, Trump has them.

Trump continues to restore America’s traditional strategy of deterrence, which the media hates, but he’s more interested in winning the day via diplomacy, which the media love. If they attack him on that, Trump has them.

Trump has corralled the media and the left, leaving absolutely no legitimate angle of attack, and the more illegitimate angles they use, the more Americans they push toward Trump.


On the other hand, watch what National Security Advisor he does pick next week. That will tell the tale. Here’s Tucker Carlson’s choice, retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor. Seems like common sense to me, real common sense, our sensing in common what must be done to begin to right the course of history.

And remember, all this is taking place just as Trump enters his next 30-year Progressed New Moon cycle.

As we approach tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces, which stimulates the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune square in Sagittarius/Pisces, I suggest we DREAM (Neptune) BIG (Jupiter). If enough of us direct our imaginations to intend this course correction, how can it not occur?

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