Do you realize that your attention is “directed” by the “timing” of “staged” events?

I thought I was “free.” I thought that both my attention and action were free and unbounded, despite what I learned (and then promptly forgot) by watching The Experimenter. Now I realize that even I, who constantly looks for clues that we are being duped, can be duped, by “directions,” (and indirections) and distraction, just like anybody else! If you think you’re beyond being duped, watch this, via Ted:

I did count the “right number” of passes. Which made me feel, I confess, “proud”! Amazing, given what happened next.

All of which reminds me of what is and is not going on now, during “election season,” as brilliantly demonstrated by the inimitable Bernie Suarez, in this Activist Post piece:

Mass Media Introduces Artificial Pause in Mass Shootings And ISIS To Focus on U.S. Election


Do you know anyone on the edge of reality versus fiction, slowly becoming aware of what’s happening? Do you know someone finally discerning the difference between the mainstream media-Hollywood 2-dimensional reality versus the full-dimensional organic reality often covered by independent news? Then show them that it’s not just the staged politically driven “news” stories that they need to be aware of, it’s also the politically convenient deliberate emphasis on certain stories while conveniently and deliberately flipping the off switch for other stories. Show them that we are seeing a grand example of this convenient selection of stories right now during the election campaign script.

In the tale that mainstream media is telling us right now, it’s “election year” and the left-right paradigm election campaign puppet show is underway where the candidates get to exchange juicy attacks and people are pulled into the drama deciding who to vote for. The controllers obviously feel that the races deserve their time and space; and from their perspective it wouldn’t be very helpful to have a pack of disruptive mass shootings, false flags, and massive staged events in the way of their political campaign shows.

Beware, however, of political campaign momentum pauses, these could be showered with “new” strategically convenient events any day now. The point of all this is that there IS a timing and placement for these stories. And we should all be aware of this timing because it’s happening before our very eyes right now.

In a year guaranteed to be packed with staged events the timing of these “events” are very important to watch. We all saw how perfect the timing of the Paris shootings was coordinated with the G-20 Summit meeting in Turkey and the U.N. Climate Convention in Paris. A shooting “event” that once again a key witness, like the lead singer of the heavy metal band that was there, says the event was preceded by security acting with suspicious foreknowledge. Oops, did I say that? I forget that the “key witness” completely changed his mind about what he saw for himself in real-time the day it was all happening just 48 hours later.


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