Do wars create prosperity? The “broken-window theory”

As a two-year-old girl shocked into PTSD by radio reports of Hiroshima, I remember later asking my Dad, who had served as an Air Force surgeon in the Phillipines and who told me Hiroshima was necessary to end the war so that he could come home, But how come people go to war in the first place?

He justified war by telling me that new technology is developed as a result of wars which then can be applied later to peaceful purposes. In other words, only the threat of being defeated by an enemy spurs human creativity? Huh? And tell me, how can bombs be used for peaceful purposes?

Back then, as a little kid I was too cowed by his stern authority to ask these questions out loud, though I sure did have them. They simmered inside me. I was Chicken Little. Only I didn’t go around telling people the sky was about to fall in, since I knew they would think me crazy. Instead, I pretended to be a little girl, to go out and play hopscotch and jacks, all the while dreading the drone of any big plane overhead, lest it drop a bomb on me.

Well, as I learned from reading Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, in combination with John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, when you destroy stuff somebody makes a fortune. Not the people whose lives or well being or property were destroyed, and not the Earth who was raped once again. No. The corporate vultures (who may have stealthily set in motion the destruction in the first place) then come in on white horses to “make it all better,” with the newest technology, for “economic and industrial development,” all the while exacting a huge price in the form of loans that can never be repaid in a country already ruined. Think: Ukraine.

So, here’s one more astute washingtonsblog piece for this morning (see this and this), plus the short, simple, obvious video that goes along with it. I mean, DUH!

Debunking the Widespread Economic Myth that War Is Good for the Economy

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